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Monday, September 20, 2010

"MALAYSIA" Is Good Enough, We Do Not Need The "1Malaysia" Rhetoric

We are all Malaysians living in this country called Malaysia. Is the ruling government so ashamed of the word "Malaysia" and blaming it for all the problems that we are facing now? If not why introduce a "1Malaysia", a copycat version of "OneIsrael", "1Singapore" and "1Indonesia". We are often reminded not to copy others as we "Malaysia Boleh" can succeed on our own.

Up till date, since it's inception, nobody can really understand what is the meaning of "1Malaysia", even among the ruling government themselves. Many visitors came to my blog via keyword search and 60% of the keywords were, "meaning of 1Malaysia", "1Malaysia explanation" or "simple explanation 1Malaysia".

Why can't we just used Malaysia Toilet, Malaysia Clinic, Malaysia Milk and remove the 1 from all the other acronyms that represented Malaysia.

Malaysia is a country that we are proud to live and die for. We can all integrate with each other among all the races under a proud single word called "Malaysia".

There is actually no racial disharmony among the various races on the ground. It is umno, certain leaders of the government, school heads, civil departmental heads, multi media and certain NGOs that wanted to see to it that the various races are divided and mistrust each other, all because of political power play.

Let me narrate an actual happening that I saw giving me the self confident that on the ground the various races are actually very integrated and not so divided as reported.

This morning I had to cross the Penang bridge to Seberang Prai by bike to get something done. Half way through the bridge, it started to rain heavily and there was no shelter, so I had to continue the journey even though I am totally wet.

Nearing the toll, I saw a bus shelter and drove towards it to take refuge. I parked the bike and rushed towards the shelter which were already filled with people. I had to squeezed in, with the kind people making room for me. We all were standing rubbing shoulders against each other.

What I saw was a mixed crowd of about 15 people, what a coincidence, there were 5 Malays, 5 Indians and 5 Chinese out of which, one was a civil servant, a mechanic, office workers and an Indian family going home. Some look up at me and smile and one laugh at me because I was all wet through. We chatted among us, mostly cursing for the sudden heavy downpour. A young Malay man complained that he got hantam from his boss for not reaching the office and from the sound of his earlier telephone conversation, his boss is most probably a Chinese.

After about 40 minutes, the heavy rain subsided and we all parted way to our own destination. I reached my destination and after finishing what I came to do I went to a Malay owned coffee shop to have my lunch.

The majority of the people in the shop were Malays and as I walked in, some smiled at me and looked at my dress as it was still wet. I chatted with some of them and they were very friendly. I saw a Chinese girl hugging a Malay woman sharing an umbrella while other office workers of different races came in together to have their lunch.

Majority of us on the ground are simple people and when situation arises, we can gather together in a friendly manner, stand closed to each other and communicate easily with each other.

The ruling government, controlled by umno, must put a stop to all kind of racism put in place and practiced by it's top leaders,umno, perkasa, multi media and NGOs.

We can all live together as Malaysians anywhere in this country called Malaysia. We do not need for "1Malaysia" to unite the people. We are already united under "MALAYSIA" if not for certain power crazy leaders, umno/bn, multi media and NGOs playing the race issues to the tilt.


  1. Yes, you are right! We do not need 1Malaysia. We are already Malaysians. These power crazy people are just so insecure of themselves and that's why the easiet way I guess is to create disharmony....

  2. Rite.... why need 1Malaysia slogan? We are Malaysians since we were born in this very land called Malaysia. 1 "Mangkuk" (Bangang/Bodoh) Malaysia. Why we don't buy Jib's slogan? That's why.....



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