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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Is Umno Now Controlled By Perkasa And Mahathir?

Are we all not surprised at the latest U-Turn/flip-flop by umno/Najib regarding Perkasa. One week ago umno leaders were told to keep their distance from Perkasa with mca, mic, gerakan cheering with happiness and today one by one they are reversing their previous stand on Perkasa.

Umno is now under the thumb of Perkasa and Mahathir with Najib, the PM, looking like a fool still daydreaming of his 1Malaysia while his own members are going all out to blame everyone else including Lee Kuan Yew except themselves for the racial and religious turmoil.

You can see how the racist school principles, utusan and perkasa are being protected for all their racial venom thrown out every other days.

There is no way that umno/bn is going to change anytime sooner and they are going to use the only way they know best to ensure that they remain in power. And that way is by creating disharmony among the various races. The PM as usual will play the nice guy with his daydream 1Malaysia to hook in as many non malay voters while letting perkasa, utusan, Mahathir and his other ministers playing the racial cards to garner the malay votes. Umno is not perturbed one bit should their racial cards turned into riots and chaos, as a matter of fact they will be much happier if it did.

It is very predictable what umno is trying to do in order for them to win the 13th general election.

My answer to you all is to stand firm and see through the much needed change that is required to restore our badly damaged country to its original, beautiful and harmonious state. Do not be fooled again by all the slogans and rhetoric from umno/bn for we have been fooled for a long 53 years and that is enough. The choice and decision is yours, we must ensure that umno/bn does not rule this country again after the 13th GE for they have failed us many times over.

Read the latest statement from Penang Chief Minister.


DAP is not surprised at UMNO Secretary-General Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor’s reversal of his previous stand against Perkasa by denying that he had said his Barisan Nasional (BN) colleagues agreed to keep the ruling coalition from Perkasa. After all Tengku Adnan had no choice but to support Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s statement yesterday that Umno did not want to stir conflict with any non-governmental organisation (NGO) such as Perkasa.

This only proves UMNO has all along being behind Perkasa. UMNO’s submission to Perkasa and Utusan Malaysia open support shows the strength of the Perkasa mentality within BN and that 1Malaysia is an empty slogan to win votes. What is surprising however is that this support and the Perkasa mentality is prevalent even amongst all component parties of BN as explained by Tengku Adnan in The Malaysian Insider on Perkasa, “When we had a meeting with BN secretaries-general, we never talked even a little bit that we wanted to distance ourselves from anybody.”

Clearly all the BN component parties like MCA are just playing a big “sandiwara” opposing Perkasa outside when inside meetings, they keep silent and submissively support UMNO’s pro-Perkasa position. This Perkasa mentality in BN is dangerous as it has led to public and open denigration of Malaysians from minority groups.

This Perkasa mentality has resulted in those making racist remarks escape unpunished. When Najib’s special officer Nasir Safar said that Indians were beggars and Chinese women sell their bodies, Nasir was not punished for such seditious remarks and only resigned. When the school principals abused their position to make racist remarks against Indians and Chinese, no action was taken.

No action was taken agains the Kulai school principal who said during the school assembly that Indians were like dogs and Chinese students can go back to China. Similarly no action was taken against the Kedah school principal for making similar racist statements against Chinese students. Another teacher in a Bukit Jambul school in Penang was only given a memo when he used foul language against students.

How can you reward good if you do not punish bad? Is the reason why no action has been taken against these racist and extremist statements because of Perkasa’s open support and demonstrations of the right of Nasir and the school principals to make such racist and extremist statements.

Many Malaysians know that Perkasa is racist and extremist when they do not condemn but openly support the school principals and Nasir for calling Indians beggars and dogs, Chinese women sell their bodies and to go back to China. More serious is that UMNO and BN continues to support Perkasa despite such racist and extremist positions taken by Perkasa.

Malaysians must stand up and unite against the racism and extremism as embodied not only by Perkasa but those that support Perkasa such as UMNO and BN. BN may feel that this is just a political game to win votes and the next general elections. However the consequences are dire if not nipped in the bud. There is but only one short step from dehumanizing Malaysians by describing them as beggars, selling their bodies and even dogs to the final militant step practiced by those who preach the language of violence.

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