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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Teoh Beng Hock, Did You Commit Suicide?

I am truly sorry, Sdr. Teoh Beng Hock, that I have to ask you this question, Did You Commit Suicide? Everyone knows that this is really a stupid question to ask but am I wrong? No, I am not wrong because this is the way how our government, macc, pdrm and the judiciary taught us, to be stupid.

When your family met up with the prime minister, he made a promise that your mysterious death will be fully investigated and ensured that no stone will be left unturned. With this promise, the prime minister should called for a royal commission of inquiry which your family and the public had wanted, instead, he called for an inquest. Why did he reject the RCI, simply because the chances of getting the truth of your mysterious death is very high. For an inquest, they have the upper hand to protect the guilty (if any), manipulate and fabricate, anyway, anyhow they wanted.

On the onset, the government, pdrm, macc and the judiciary had already made up their mind to see that your mysterious death be concluded as committing suicide, that is, you took your own life. I came to this conclusion by judging the way they presented the case, the investigation by pdrm, the judiciary allowing the dpp to ridicule witness and articulation of imaginary theories.

Your body was discovered at around 1:30pm but was kept in the dark for over four hours before making the announcement. A lot of things can be done, cleaning up, confide in each other what to say and many other rearrangement if required during the four hours.

One minister came out with his wise statement just hours later, "we do not know why he wanted to jump and not going home". One of the first few indication to start and point towards a commit suicide verdict.

The macc suddenly became very professional, claiming that you were not a suspect but only a witness without explaining why a witness required such long hours of questioning right through the early morning. Macc claimed that you were released but do not know why you wanted to stay back while your personal belongings were still kept by them. Indeed, we, the public finds it very puzzling the way macc tried to distance themselves from your death.

The so called professional pdrm can only came to the conclusion of sudden death. If the pdrm were to really look deeper into it, my guess is that they should be able to find out whether you committed suicide or was it homicide.

We now come to the interesting part, the clowning of your inquest. Here, we can really see that no stone was left unturned to pursue for a commit suicide verdict.

Your mental stage and your family were questioned very thoroughly but not the macc officials that were questioning you. Every effort to block Dr. Phorntip from testifying to the extend of questioning her qualification and expertise being not recognised by our country.

You were even speculated to have strangled yourself first before you jumped to your death. We can see how desperate they are to protect someone, the murderer, the government, the macc, the pdrm or even the judiciary?

The most shocking and unbelievable evidence surfaced after more than a year of your inquest, your suicide note. As I had said above, for an inquest they have the upper hand to spring surprises, they can magically turned a common simple note into a suicide note. The laughter does not end here, there are more when they can justified to present your suicide note as evidence based on google's translation from your written Chinese note into English. They did not get an expert to translate nor authenticate the so called suicide note.

So, here we are, can anyone be surprised should the dpp in the ongoing inquest called for your lawyers to go and asked you whether you were murdered or that you committed suicide?

I am now ahead of the dpp stupidity to ask you this question first, Did You Commit Suicide?


  1. pls watch the video clip , the beginning part, when the coroner wanted to say : 'may be .....'
    the chinese man in blue put his finger on his lips
    & signaled him to keep quiet !!!!

  2. Anyone... ask yourself. Are you people still doubt late Teoh Beng Hock is commit suicide? I have no doubt that he is murdered. Done is done. It's up yours to decided your verdict if you guys are still have consience or just pretend nothing happen.



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