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Monday, July 5, 2010

13th General Election (13th GE) Online Campaign - Is It Difficult To Govern A Country?

Before I start my first online campaign speech for the 13th GE, I would like to thanks the online media from Malaysia Chronicle, Malaysian Mirror, Malaysiakini via Anwar's blog, other various blogs, Facebook friends and to the many that I may have missed out for reporting, promoting, supporting and sharing my blog posting on the kick off campaign for the 13th GE. Thanks to Malaysia Today for sharing my earlier posting Is Malaysia Crumbling Under Najib's "Umno Controlled BN" ?.

Is it difficult to govern a country?

If Merdeka Center were to take a survey posing this question; "Is it difficult to govern a country?", what do you think the results will be? I am sure that 99% respondents will say yes, its difficult to govern a country.

I will agree that its not easy to run a country, the huge responsibility that one had to take, to ensure the country, together with its citizen, are taken good care off, progress forward, with peace and prosperity. The government itself must have a team of leaders of high calibre, with integrity, honesty and capability. To have such a team, it is the responsibility of the voters to vote in the right candidates that run for government positions.

Now, if Merdeka Center were to ask me "Is it difficult for Umno/BN to govern a country like Malaysia?", what do you think my answer will be?. My answer is a definite NO. I find that Umno/bn are having no problem whatsoever to run Malaysia. Even you and I can run this country if we are allowed to follow Umno/bn ways and styles of governing.

Let me give you a few pointers why Umno/bn are finding it so easy to govern this country.

1) Umno/bn government will only reach out to the rakyat once every five years when the GE is looming round the corner. After they got the mandate from the rakyat, they are free to do what they like, the rakyat are totally sidelined with no say at all. Remember what they said when they were confronted by the rakyat who were against several of the government actions and policies? "We have the rakyat mandate and we are the majority, so what we do we already had the mandate from the majority of the rakyat, they are the one who voted us in." So easy, is it not to run the country. Once you voted them in, you no longer can protest or object to their wrong doings.

2) Billions of ringgit lost into thin air, budget deficit, country going bankrupt, how could these happen. Ridiculous toll contract, going the reverse way, instead of decreasing in relation to volume increase, the toll collectors are laughing to the bank when the government agreed to toll increases as traffic volume increases. There is no way you can asked the government for answers, they will just tell you off because all these policies and contracts are under the Official Secret Act (OSA). Talk some more, we will charged you with sedition. You want to demonstrate, we will put you under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for national security sake.

3) You may have ways to seek out the wrong doings of the government and that is as far as you go. The PDRM and MACC will soon be pounding on your door. If you are lucky enough to escape the PDRM or MACC and managed to bring the government to court, the AG will not prosecute because they have their own reasoning which they themselves only believe in.

So what is so difficult to run a country like Malaysia. As long as the voters gave you the mandate, you can do practically anything you want, be it right or wrong, claiming the voters gave you the right to do so. You have control over all the institutions and the rakyat's hard earned money, what more problems could you face with.

Its so easy because we voters voted in a regime which abuses the power given to them and turn this country upside down while their bank accounts are getting fatter and fatter.

My fellow Malaysian voters, we have allowed Umno/bn to govern this country for over 50 years and they are not governing it right. We will soon be bankrupt and a failed state if we keep on supporting them. We need to be brave to make a change, a change for a New Federal Government under Pakatan Rakyat. Let us give PR a chance to prove their worth.

13th GE Online Campaign - Malaysia Needs A New Federal Government

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  1. Causes of downgrading of Ruling coalition in Malaysia and consequences
    I strongly believe that there were some factors behind the failure of BN and coalition parties in last 12th general election and these factors should be identify and cope, both by BN and Malaysia public for best interest of country. It’s very important to note that the major factor behind this failure was not ruling parties distrust in public. The significant factors were the following;
    1. Distrust of local Malaysian media.

    Majority of people believe that local Malaysian media is highly controlled so public show distrust in local media. As a result any type of reports, news and advertisement by government in local media leave negative image in readers mind. Internet and Astro have open gates of world media for the Malaysia public and majority of people spend more time for watching world media compare to local media, TV, Radio and newspapers etc. As a result public get only negative image of government.

    2. Change (a slogan by American president Mr. Obama)
    This was one of the major factors, as the Malaysia public is extensively watching foreign media so they pick the idea of “Change” from foreign media and they also demand change in government.
    3. Banking system
    Government of Malaysia is promoting use of credit cards and bank loans, as a result the income and saving of people have reduced to a significant level and people are getting it hard to meet their expenses. They have to pay their monthly instalments for years and years to come that develop frustration against government, however public is complaining government.
    4. Global financial crisis.

    Global financial crisis also play a great role in result of 12th general election, as the economic indicators were not showing progress so public perceive low performance of government.

    5. UMNO internal conflicts.
    There were some reports that show weakness of UNMO due to internal party conflicts, this leave a very bad image of UMNO and BN to Malaysian people as a result opposition parties get privileges to prosper compare to UMNO.

    Conclusion and recommendation
    Government of Malaysia must infiltrate foreign media according to local national media framework and there should be immediate response from local media for a possible threat from a foreign media. I am strongly in favour of strong BN and i am saying this with high confidence that Malaysian public should support BN, a very strong BN is in high interest of Malaysia and Malaysian public that will bring political and economic prosperity. Also I would like to warn Malaysian public that if BN become weak then there will very bad effects on Malaysian politics as well as Malaysian economy due to its multicultural nature and Malaysia will become a third world country or even worse because none of other party have expertise like BN and none of other party have a clear majority to rule the country. Also we should see back in history that it was the BN who provide platform for all major parties to stay together and work for the country. To further clear our minds we should consider election results of all previous elections and ratio of voters to each party. Also we may anticipate comparison of BN and other possible coalition. I can bet that other coalition will not stay long and will Detroit the political and economic conditions in the country. If still there is doubt in your mind then I will invite you to make comparison of strengths of UMNO, MCA, MIC and DAP, PAS, PKR.

    About author; My name if aftab hussain and I am MBA holder with marketing specialization currently i am self learning about political marketing and in near future I am planning to study political marketing at PhD level. This article is my personal and independent assessment without any influence or incentive and it is not result of any affiliation.



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