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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Will "Not Being Able To Speak BM" Becomes Seditious Or A Crime Next?

They insist, persist at every opportunity to twist and turn each and every good deeds, be it racial or religious performances by Pakatan Rakyat into chargeable offences.

You have read the past few weeks about how the Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng got entangled with the mosque sermon issue, where certain groups were trying to pin the CM involvement, the Komtar traders creating ruckus out of their own wrong doing and doctored photos of the CM slaughtering cow. They have to bring down the CM before the 13th GE.

Teo Nie Ching's surau visit by invitation to bring aides from the Selangor Government had being turned into a holier than thou episode. Till today they are still finding ways on how to charge her, with the latest salvo coming from the PM himself insisting that Teo Nie Ching violated fatwa with the surau visit. Yes, the non muslim will always be wronged when it involves the Islamic religion but the PM yet again conveniently forget about the two individuals without permission from church authorities entered a church and received Holy Communion which is most sacred to Catholics and then spat it out.

Fighting for the rights of all races can also be twisted and spin into questioning Article 153 of the Federal Constitution as the case for Lembah Pantai Member of Parliament Nurul Izzah Anwar's invitation to Perkasa to a Constructive Engagement for a new beginning for Malaysia.

An anti-racist rap video by Namewee had the police and MCMC questioning him for hours in which they have the intention to charge him for sedition but the two school principles who openly make racist remarks were left untouched. Many had viewed the video and found nothing racist or seditious but with some vulgarity mix in the rap.

Khairy, the umno youth leader is hell bend that it is very racist by his own interpretation of the phrase "You tak baca? Siapa buat Malaysia kaya?" Now what can we do or say, they are the leaders of the country and the fear of losing power makes their mind go bonker and they can just charged you for what you are doing right to correct their wrong doing.

What do we expect to hear from Perkasa, malay NGOs, Khairy or the PM of another racist case from a police inspector who allegedly told a 51-year-old snatch theft victim to “balik China” (return to China) if she could not speak Bahasa Malaysia.

It was reported that the police inspector is now under investigation but there is no mentioning of investigating the alleged racist remark. What I can gather is that the whole investigation will be on the victim once perkasa, Khairy or the PM open their mouths.

The investigation of the police inspector cannot be because of his racist remark "balik China", because to umno it is not racist since there are so many precedents of such call openly by umno leaders and there are no investigation or charges against them.

What I foresee is that they will instead investigate the victim. They will question her why as a Malaysian she is not able to speak BM. Is she a citizen of Malaysia or is she an illegal immigrant? They will give her a hard time checking through her background. They may even charged her for provocation against the police inspector. What we can see from all the latest racist and religious cases, umno is trying to protect their own kind and this case will be no different, they will have to protect the police inspector.

I am not sure which part of the law they will used against the victim, will it be sedition or is it going to be a crime for not being able to speak BM?


  1. Not being able to speak BM as a malaysian citizen is not a sedition, but after 52 years of independence, every citizen should be proficient enough to speak BM, Then only he/she can tell to other nation that she/he is a MALAYSIAN

  2. as a malaysian you cannot speak
    BM? How could you?

  3. I think this is a normal response asked by anyone to a person that have lived in a country for many years and yet still cannot speak the language. Try going to France and ask them a question in any other language and they will give you a disgusted look......this to a tourist. Imagine if you lived there. I would have probably excused the elderly if they cannot speak the language, but is even happening with the teenagers.....what more can you say?

  4. Please be considerate that you must understand the early stage of School.You will be out in the street if you failed your Standard 6,your second stage Form 3 and the last stage Form 5.Lucky for Malaysian today who are able to finish School by at least Form 5.Think back what you will learn if you finish school at Standard 6 or Form 3.

  5. Just because she wasn't able to use BM to describe in great detail how she got snatched, doesn't mean she has a problem ordering nasi lemak in BM. It requires a significant higher command of BM to describe like that.

    And come on la, back in those days for people her age, many people didn't even finish primary school. Nowadays you see people finishing university and still can't speak proper English. What gives?

  6. This is what happen when you disallowed non-malays to use Arabic word like ALLAH.

  7. They'll put her in Kamunting to save her life.

  8. I have no prob with people in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s who cant speak proper malay. But current young generation should be able to speak good malay. Indians and Borneo people, i see mostly have no prob .... but even most chinese youngsters speaks malay like shit. When chinese go to mandarin school, please employ good malay teacher and teach them speak good malay as well as English.

    PS I am a non malay

  9. Honestly, is it a crime not to be able to speak BM? If we have to blame, blame it on the system. During those days, we had Senior Cambridge and only 1 subject in BM which was not compulsory whereas, English was.

  10. We went berserk when we heard the Malays asking the us to go back to China. I personally don't agree with racist remarks from anybody. But with the racist sentiment filling up the air uncontrollably, lately, I understand fully, how this has come to this point.

    The Malays wouldn't be uttering such words without a good reason. Something must have triggered the words and I believe, they were provoked into saying it due to what the DAP and MCA are asking the government lately.

    We made it clear how proud we are to be Chinese. We look up upon everything Chinese and all the great warriors of China and never share the same proudness towards our Datuk Bahaman, Mat Kilau and other Malaysian heroes just because these Malaysian heroes are not of Chinese ethnic.

    Only in Malaysia, we see people who insist that they are Malaysians but couldn't even speak Bahasa Malaysia.

    We see people who fight for equality but insist on going to racial based schools. No other multi-racial country in the world would tolerate racial based schools education system except Malaysia. This undoubtedly is the root cause of racial polarisation in Malaysia.

    Why cant our leaders be brave enough to scrap the racial based schools and send our children into one unified school where our different cultures and values are learned together as future Malaysians.

    Of course there are few Chinese students who didn't get scholarships despite being poor, but there are Bumiputra students with the same fate too. The problem lies in the implementation of the system, not the race. We have to stop looking at things from the race point of view.

    Only us would ask for Wee Meng Chee to be forgiven and look up upon the person and even set up a fan club.

    Only us would forgive someone like Wee Meng Chee, for insulting the Muslims, the national language, the national flag and Islam, this country's official religion.

  11. Next, it will be like when Bangladesh was struggling for independence. They will start looking in your pants if you are circumcised or not! In Bangladesh, during the second Indo-Pak war, those not circumcised were shot as kafirs.

    This is exactly how each day the nons are questioned on their patriotism, each time using different arbitrary yardsticks. For the present time its language. At another, it will something else. Its amazing that in "Mein Kampf", Adolf Hitler tried the same, by deconstructing the Jews as not being fit for Germany. And we all know what that did to the world, don't we? Never forget.

    Notice that these issues never cropped up in the 60s or 70s (yes, there was agitation for the national language, etc., but it was given that most could communicate with each other). Its only when we (meaning the nons) start asking questions about the NEP that you start getting this. Why, I wonder?

  12. Come on la folks, Its not that she cannot speak Bahasa, just what one calls kekok sikit / a little rusty with some of the words.

    The lady looks about my age and frankly, though I mixed daily with mainly Malays, I sometimes find myself unable to recall certain words to describe certain situation.

    I think the Inspector cannot understand English so he resorted to the racist taunt.

  13. UMNO is hell bend to create racial/religious havoc and chaos amongst races so that they can declare emergency laws to save themselves from downfall in the next GE.

    All sane and rational Malaysians should not react to their devilish provocations but to patiently wait for next GE. Don't fall into UMNO's traps.

  14. Who said she could not speak BM. Maybe she just chose not to. This is a "free" country. No need for the inspector to be touchy, albeit rude.

  15. the malays are getting angry cause thier rule and overpowing all other races is being challenged. and also many malays are now more alert then blinded by umno

  16. kat malaysia nie kebanyakan org china and india pandai cakap bahasa melayu tapi berapa ramaikah org malayu pandai cakap bahasa cina and english?cuba kira?
    so sekarang ko faham nape tokeh cina x nak upah org malayu?sbb korang ni x erti cakap bahasa lain.dah 53 tahun hidup bersama bangsa lain tapi korang ni masih x erti camne nak cakap bahasa lain selain bahasa sendiri.
    aku pandai cakap bahasa and tulis dlm bahasa english, chinese,malay, japanese dan indian.Saya guna otak manusia yg biasa(bukan superman? otak you pun manusia jugakan?atau you cuba nak salahkan saya kerana IQ aku lebih tinggi pada you?

  17. After all is said and done, the only way for the country to move forward is this imperative - the UMNO/BN regime must be removed from helming the country.For it has become more and more destructive with every passing day.The sooner it is removed, the less damage this country will have to go through.


  18. Saya rasa orang yang tanya orang melayu kenapa tak pandai cakap cina atau tamil sedangkan dia pandai cakap BM tu gila agaknya.
    Orang Melayu kalau duduk kat China, saya rasa 1 tahun sahaja sudah pandai cakap Mandarin dengan fasih. Ini tak, cakap BM macam baru 6 bulan sampai Malaysia.
    Orang Melayu atau India, yang pergi ke SKJ(C) terus sudah pandai berbahasa Mandarin, tak perlu nak tinggal di China. Tapi sebaliknya orang cina yang tinggal di Malaysia ber generasi, masih cakap macam baru tiba dengan tongkang!
    It is all about willingness. Only in Malaysia you think you are more intelligent and have high in IQ konon. But in fact you are just like anyone else trying to portray that Chinese are smarter than the Malays with your weak factual study as usual. Chinese are more hardworking in Malaysia, yes I agree. It is the system here that have made them what they are today. But to say they are smarter? Hmmm...hardwork does not mean high in IQ or smart.

    Cina in China pun ramai (berpuluh juta)jugak yang pemalas, papa kedana (tak faham? ohh it is miskin), hisap dadah, melacur, bodoh, bebal, bahalul, dan bodoh English sebab boleh cakap Mandarin dan 1 province punya dialect sahaja.

    Tapi saya respect diorang sebab diorang tak perlu lari tinggalkan China macam nenek moyang Cina kat Malaysia ni.

    Tapi saya juga hormati kawan-kawan cina dan india malaysia saya di sini yang Malaysia first, punyai adab Malaysia, hormati orang, berbudi bahasa dan lain-lain.

    Tak seperti sesetengah Cina lain yang bodoh, sombong. Cakap or eja dalam English or BM pun tak betul, berlagak pandai. Porah! Siapa yang makan cili dia yang terasa pedas. Period!



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