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Friday, August 13, 2010

Prime Minister Najib, You Are Such A Nincompoop

This is the tweet that your Prime Minister Najib sent out today.

Najib Razak The Chinese community celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival this month. Another opportunity to appreciate the diversity of Malaysian culture.

Is he such a worried man that is losing much Chinese support, an idiot with no education or just a complete nincompoop?

I am a Malaysian Chinese and this Hungry Ghost Month has nothing to do with me one bit, neither is it a culture nor a celebrated festival.

If this tweet is to gain more Chinese support, the PM is surely grasping at the last straw trying to stay afloat. The non muslims are always reminded not to talk about Islam because of their limited knowledge. Like wise it is also advisable for the muslim not to talk about other religions if they are not familiar or knowledgeable.

Why is the PM, a muslim who has no knowledge of the non muslim religions trying to preach and talk about the Hungry Ghost Month as though he knows a lot and claiming the Chinese community celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival.

My advise to the PM, stick to your job description and stop using religion to pursue your agenda.

Maybe, the PM should spend his time and effort to try and resolved his 1Malaysia New Culture:

This country is turning upside down and the Prime Minister is not doing anything about it.

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