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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1Funny Malaysia +1 Funny Prime Minister

(Bernama) - The publication of the book on the trials and tribulations faced by Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak during his first year as the sixth Malaysian Prime Minister is seen to be able to refute the various slanders made by certain groups against the government and national leaders.

For goodness sake, Mr. Prime Minister Najib, you are getting funnier by the day. I thought only clowns are funny, they like to talk nonsense a lot to make people laugh and that's about it, no further action required of them. Are you, Mr. PM, going the way of the clown?

You have control over all the print media and they are churning out a lot of glorifying news about your capabilities, 1Malaysia Concept, New Economic Model (NEM), National Key Result Areas (NKRA), Key Performance Indicators (KPI), efficiency, excellence, meritocracy, bla bla bla, almost everyday and you still find it not sufficient? Do you really need to publish an expensive book to explain further because the public are still laughing from reading what your clown media are churning out?

What the public required is your political will to implement the real spirit of 1Malaysia, sense of belonging, offering equality, fairness, socio-economic justice, mutual respect to all Malaysians regardless of race or creed and stop playing the race supremacy game.

We do not need any further talks or publication of books from you, just put into actions what you had already preached thus far. Is it that hard to do? Stop acting like a clown and instead perform like a real Prime Minister which you are paid a hefty salary by the people.

One of the reason for publication of your book is "to refute the various slanders made by certain groups against the government and national leaders".

If there is any slander, why not sue those who slander you or is it the plain truth (but you termed it as slander) what these people are saying that you cannot take them to court?

Before you blame others on your own failure, please look at your own backyard. You do not have full support from your own deputy, party leaders and members while you allow malay NGOs to force you into retreat from implementing what you preaches.

As a concerned citizen who love this country, I wanted to see a sincere Prime Minister who dares to talk and walk at the same time without any hesitation.

A Prime Minister with only one face that will not tolerate any kind of racist remarks or racism.

A Prime Minister that truly wanted to fight corruptions by not interfering with the works of the MACC and allowing them to report to Parliament with the power to prosecute.

A Prime Minister that allows freedom of speech by removing the Print and Printing Press Act and allowing peaceful rallies.

A Prime Minister who will not hesitate to take actions against his own ministers who abuses their power, especially the home ministry, police and the judiciary.

A Prime Minister who will not allow detention without trial and immediately ABOLISH the Internal Security Act (ISA).

A Prime Minister who will select carefully his cabinet ministers that are filled with people of integrity, honesty, capability and knowledgeable of his position.

A Prime Minister who will practice true democracy.

Can you act upon all the above, Mr. Prime Minister?

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