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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Talk Like A PM, Walk And Act Like Umno

I have no intention to blog these few days because I thought that I can enjoy the Merdeka celebration but it is not to be so.

The past weeks clearly show that the PM is no longer in control of running the country. The PM is wearing too many hats. The PM is wearing too many hats that he turns out to be the most ugly looking person.

One hat he wore represented him as the Prime Minister that can only talk with all kinds of slogan and rhetoric that contain no solid substance as it will be all blown away once he changes his hat.

Trying to balance his act, he will immediately change to his umno President hat to walk and act like umno, forgetting what he had said when he was wearing the PM's hat.

Wearing the PM's hat, he talk about zero tolerance for racism but could not take any actions against his own members, civil servants, umno controlled media and perkasa for openly stoking racial and religious sentiments.

Taking of his PM's hat and slip on his umno's hat, he called for the investigation of Namewee's video that voices out against racism albeit in a slight vulgar manner. This is followed by the Information Communication and Culture Minister warning of stern action against those who produce videos which contain racial slurs but both, PM and Minister conveniently left out those umno's degenerates that puke out racial slurs to live audiences.

Next, the PM that wears the umno's hat is happy to see that his umno's army is attacking furiously on all the non issues of non muslims trying to harmonised with the muslims, creating issues out of nothing.

How can we still celebrate Merdeka when we are so troubled by race and religious conflicts that are created solely by umno?

Can the PM tell the public truthfully in the eyes that he is a PM that can talk, walk and act impartially just like any PM should?


  1. 100% MUNAFIK !!!!!

  2. celebrate merdaka, hahahaha, what for
    waste time and flag $

  3. Progressing from manic depression to schizophrenic psychosis. This is the diagnosis.

  4. Like everyone else in BN, his own political survival comes first, that's why sometimes he forgets that he is the PM for all Malaysians.

  5. Najib practices double standard. It is so obvious
    UMNO is desperate. They create mountains out of molehills. The onlookers like us feel like puking.
    Yes, it is also obvious Najib is all talks and a no action PM. He wants non-malay support yet he is afraid to lose UMNO support. We're getting sick of the whole thing.

  6. U tterly M anipulating N ational O bligation b y A busing R akyat's U banity leading to B arisan N ajis. Take care my fellow Malaysians. Your future is in your own hands. Good luck and God bless.

  7. John Dean refer to him as habitual compulsive liar.

  8. Merdeka? What is THAT? With all these racial hate-crimes from UMNO/BN, I'll celebrate "independence" when we are totally from their grip, ie when they are the Opposition Party, or HISTORY.



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