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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Teoh Beng Hock's Inquest: 18th August 2010 Update

Updated with video:

DPP Abdul Razak Musa demonstrates during the Teoh Beng Hock inquest how a person might strangle himself.

"I still believe it is not suicide," the Thai forensic expert told the court.

Sorry for the late entry as I just got back from Selangor after having witness first hand how a degenerate lawyer making a fool not only to himself but Malaysia as a whole.

Details of the inquest had been transmitted since yesterday via major online news and blogs. On the day of the inquest I was sitting inside the court room since 8:30am fearing that I may not find a sit should I be late. The room was filled to the brim just before 9:30am. Standing inside the court room is not allowed, so those who could not find a seat were denied entry.

The inquest proper started at around 10:00am with Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand called to the witness stand. Teoh's team of lawyers stick to relevant questioning base on Dr Pornthip's report findings of the second autopsy and on off referring back to her first report. Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand answered all questions professionally for nearly 1 1/2 hours posed by Teoh's team of lawyers.

Then came the thriller part of the inquest, the cross-examination from MACC's head prosecutor Abdul Razak Musa. Either he woke up on the wrong side of the bed or exposing himself to be a true degenerate by posing questions that look as if he was defending an already charged person for the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

I reproduced a well summarized report of the head prosecutor Abdul Razak Musa questionings by Strait Talk.
1) MACC Prosecutor Abdul Razak asked Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand if she had come to “to attack the MACC".

2) "Did you know that the university that you graduated from is not recognised in Malaysia?" he asked, eliciting disgruntled murmurs from the gallery.

3) Abdul Razak next had the gallery groaning in disbelief when he suggested that Teoh had strangled himself and was "depressive".

4) Abdul Razak riled up those in the gallery further by suggesting to Pornthip that her report was "based on her imagination".

5) He then puzzled the court when he stated, "If (Teoh) was unconscious, his body would be heavier."

6) In an effort to make his point, he asked if Pornthip has any experience jumping off a building.

Abdul Razak Musa also questioned her on what he said were discrepancies between Pornthip's first and second reports and he kept implying that there were no witness or evidence to what Pornthip's had claimed.

Instead of continuing to question on the autopsy reports, he journeyed into his own dreamland, asking Pornthip whether she knew that the interrogation of TBH ended at 3am. One point that he raised that nobody seems to find it important was the location where the body was found. He said that the office window can only opened up to about 45 degree and logically the fallen body should be falling straight down along side of the building but why was the body found lying a short distance away. He also counter how can someone be thrown out when the window can only opened at about 45 degree. ( If I am allowed to ask a question, I would like to ask Abdul Razak Musa, how can someone jump out of a 45 degree window. )

I kept pondering why Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas had allowed such questioning from prosecutor Abdul Razak Musa.

After witnessing the inquest for the first time, I draw my own conclusion that there can be no justice for Teoh Beng Hock as long as umno/bn continue to govern.

The only way to seek justice for Teoh Beng Hock is to continue to show your support for his family until the 13th GE where we have the power to change the Government.

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