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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Anti-ISA Candlelight Vigil - Over 30 Arrested By Police

Hishammuddin Hussein said this at the press conference in which he defended the cow-head protestors in 2009:

“In this day and age, protests should be accepted in this world, as people want their voices to be heard. If we don't give them room to voice their opinions, they have no choice but to protest.”

Over 30 innocent people arrested for trying to light a candle on the 1st August 2010. Basing on what Hishammuddin Hussein said above, it clearly shows that there are two sets of law regarding preotest. If they are pro-government and members of umno they are free to protest all they like while those anti-government and the opposition will face the full blunt of the law even for candlelight vigil.

This is Najib "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now" for you.

Still think that umno/bn is the right government to run this country?

I am too sad and tired to write about the candlelight vigil which I attended in Penang. You can read them at Malaysiakini, The Malaysian Insiders, Free Malaysia Today and other blogs.

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