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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tun Ling Liong Sik Charged, A Conviction Perhaps Or Just A Najib's Ploy ?

The news of former MCA President Tun Ling Liong Sik getting ("arrested" ?) and charged in court for his role in the scandal hit Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) project is spreading like wild fire across the globe.

This is exactly what Najib had wanted, to deflect criticisms of his administration lacks of will to go after the big fish. I am sure this is another staged acting, see how the Tun is being brought to court, is he really arrested, handcuffed and brought to a police station prior to his being charged today? Compare this to other arrests, especially the opposition.

Did he get a deal from Najib, "You help me, I help you" get arrested and charged first and I will make sure of a no conviction?

As history had shown us, this action today is a sign of coming general election and after everyone had forgotten and weary of the trial, a final verdict of "NOT GUILTY" will be filed or the defendant goes to his maker before the trial can be concluded.

Until we see all those big fish involved in corruption got convicted and jailed, let us hold our breath.

Please do not be swayed by such a staged show.

Arrest and Charged
is different from being
And Jailed

1 comment:

  1. The morale of the news:
    If you wanted to be corrupt, you had better be a UMNOputra. Otherswise, you have to be prepared to face more processes, in whichever way you see it ;-)



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