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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Umno's "Islam For All" Does It Equals "Allah For All"??

From what I know, all religions except for Islam, are opened to any one who wanted to profess them. There are no restrictions, no force applied and the doors to their religious shrines are always open to all. You are free to embrace and you are free to leave any time. No persecution nor prosecution for their actions regarding their religious belief unless their actions are against any civil laws.

In Malaysia, Islam is the most sacred religion to the muslims and non muslims are not allowed to talk about it, words from their holy koran are banned from being used by non muslim even though certain Christian groups had been using them for centuries.

Other religions are not permitted by law to preach nor spread the words of their God to muslims. For a non muslim to convert into a muslim, it is a one way street, once in it is very difficult for you to denounce it and to embrace other religion.

So, what is Umno's "Islam For All" means? The intention to voice out that Islam is for all may be good but when applied, it can deviate from its true intention. Just look at how they manipulated and twisted the constitution, the true intention of the NEP and playing politics with religions.

When "Islam For All" is put into practice, does it mean that all Malaysians will be subjected to the Islamic laws? Is Umno trying to force Malaysians to embrace Islam and turning the country into an Islamic State? There are so many question marks as to the real intention of Umno's "Islam for all" concept.

A comment on Malaysiakini is worth mentioning here,

"Keturunan Malaysia :
Take religion out of Education and take religion out of Politics. No matter how much religion you put into anyone, if you still walk like a crab you still walk like a crab. Have you ever wonder why God gives you brains? No...then let me tell think for yourselves! If you can't think for yourselves, how the hell are you going to think for us. AND even if you can and want to think for us, please have the courtesy to ask us first. Meanwhile, until you can think, better let us help you to think for us and you!!! For 50+ years, you have wasted our growing up life. Luckily, many of us grow up on our own but sadly you are still small runts yet to finish your childish rantings. So go through the process and start with playing marbles. When you are real adults and ready, then come to talk with us."

Does Umno's "Islam for all" means that the word "Allah" can now be used by all Malaysians? Will the government now retract their appeal against the court ruling that Christians are allowed to used the word "Allah". Does it mean that we are allowed into the mosque, talk about Islam without being a muslim?

My request to Umno is, "STOP PLAYING POLITIC WITH RELIGION", there can be no "Islam for all" in Malaysia with all the hurdles that you placed in front of the non muslims.

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