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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Fuss Over DPP Affair With Saiful - My Theory

The Najib administration had spent a lot of effort, time and money through their controlled multi media to inform the public not to be taken in by the lies that are spread by bloggers, especially Raja Petra Kamarudin's (RPK) blog, Malaysia Today.

The DPP affair with Saiful came to light via RPK's Malaysia Today and as far as we know, no other medias or person had come forward with this allegation prior to or after RPK had reported it in his blog.

There are tonnes of allegations against, Najib, Rosmah, Umno, PDRM and many other leaders reported in Malaysia Today but they are all brushed off as lies and the AG would not even be bothered to look into any of them.

But why the AG had suddenly taken interest into RPK's "lies" regarding the DPP's affair with Saiful? Basing only on RPK's supposed allegation of the affair, DPP Farah Azlina Latif has been removed from the prosecution team in Anwar Ibrahim's current sodomy 2 trial. Does it not look kind of awkward that the AG now believed in a common liar's cooked up story?.

This is my theory what this fuss is all about.

Najib is in a bind over Anwar's sodomy 2. To convict Anwar and send him to complete his remaining life in prison will have a very great impact on Najib's future. Najib knows that 70% of those following the case do not believe that the trial is fair nor the charges against Anwar were true.

The ongoing trial is leading no where yet the judges are bend on continuing to see that Anwar is send to prison. Najib wanted to stop this sham trial before it hurts him further but there is no way to put of the trial now.

In order to stop this sham trial they have to create something to show a cause for a mistrial or throw sodomy2 out completely.

What better way then to have the witness seen as having an affair with the DPP inside the prosecution team. Saiful and the DPP may have got attracted to each other and this is seen as an opportunity to create a scene that both are having affair. (They may or may not actually had an affair) Both parties must have agreed to allow this kind of story to leak out after heavy bargaining for whatever they wanted.

It is not hard for this story to be leaked out to RPK for him to released it through his popular blog. RPK has all kind of sources and some of them may be double agent working for both sides. (Sorry, RPK this is only my theory).

Najib wanted out, so this is the best way to do it.

We will have the answer when the trial continue on Aug 2 and from there we will get a clear picture on two things.

1) Should the defendant application for a mistrial or the case be thrown out failed, we can be 99% sure that Anwar will be sent to jail.

2) If my theory is somehow right, along the way of the trial the case will be dismissed. Of course it will not be immediate, the judges will dragged on for sometime before they act on it.

1 comment:

  1. Your theory is a possibility in this bolehland of ours. I was just discussing this case with my politician friend from London earlier this evening via Skype.

    As he put it "don't tell me the AG or his team has no inkling of what is going on underneath their very noses. At the very least if really Saiful was bonking the DPP, surely they would know about it first before RPK who is thousands of miles away".

    If this was the case, wouldn't the AG tell the DPP "I know something is going on between you and our star witness. This is an important case to us so cut out the nonsense or else".

    Instead the AG pleads ignorance of what's going on until RPK broke the news. His actions now gives the impression and imply that indeed the DPP and the star witness were bonking each other by dismissing her! Haris Ibrahim talked about this is his blog.

    This dismissal alone is the telling sign when they have previously never even investigated on "hearsay" let alone act on it.

    You may be right Richard as there is more than meets the eye here.



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