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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Open Letter To Robert De Niro & Famous Celebrities

Malaysia and its people welcome you all to visit Malaysia with open arms provided that your visits are in a way charitable to help raise funds for the needy or as paying tourists to help our poor economy.

If you are here on the behest of our Government or the Prime Minister's wife, whom anyway is a nobody to the people of Malaysia, there are a few things that you need to know and understand first before accepting the invite blindly.

Malaysia was once a prosperous and rich country but over decades of the same ruling government the richness were drained through leakages and corruptions and we were told that the country will be bankrupt by 2019.

The government always reminded the people to be prudent and to tighten our belt but they themselves live like kings and splashed the public funds on useless mega projects, spending billions on military hard wares when there are no wars in sight.

The government knows that they are receiving back slashed from the people and its popularity are at its lowest including the PM and his wife. The PM and his wife are trying to uplift their images by engaging a foreign PR and that causes us, the public, a lot of money.

They are now trying to rub shoulders with celebrities to enhance their images which to us is just sear waste of the public money.

You may not know that our PM wasted millions of dollars just to rub shoulder with your President Obama while his wife spent millions in New York and placing ads to boost her image. The allegation is that this money is from the government and that belongs to the public which they did not deny nor explain where this money came from.

We do not care one bit if they wanted to rub shoulder with you all celebrities as long as the money spend are not siphoned from the public fund but their own. The very important thing you need to know is that, we the public can never get to know whether they are using the public fund to serve their own purposes as they are classified under the OSA, Official secret Act.

We are very certain that the government or the PM's wife will show you the best side of the country and leaving the worst under lock and key.

You must be made aware that the present government practices racism and have the worst human rights issues. The PM is a racist and if you do not believe, please ask him what he did in 1987. I am very sure you all celebrities hate racism and non compliant of the human rights.

Do not just take my word for it, make a search yourself on the internet, your embassy in our country or the thousands of Malaysians that had left the country and are now residing in the US.

You all are most welcome to Malaysia but not on the expense of the public funds just to boost the images of the PM or his wife.


  1. You write well. You have a good heart. This country is for all. Not just a bunch of elitists who think they have a good command English. Does a good command of English mean some form of superiority???

    So, if i stammer, i shouldn't talk then. Huh?!

  2. I got this message 3 years after it was written. I doubt the message ever received by Robert. What is the point of the writing an open letter if nobody reads it?



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