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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beg Your Pardon, Is Perfect English A Prerequisite To Blogging?

There was a comment regarding my article Open Letter To Robert De Niro & Famous Celebrities at Malaysia Chronicle under the heading "Open Letter to Robert De Niro and other 'guests' of Rosmah's" which I reproduced below.
Anonymous said...
Richard Loh: If you are writing to American celeberities at the very least write in good and correct English. Rosmah will laugh at your letter as she has better command of English than you..
July 24, 2010 10:36 PM

in which I gave a short reply:
Thank you anon 10:36
I am not a professional writer nor journalist or an expert in writing. I am just a commoner with limited education background.

As you may know blogging is for everyone to blog what is in their mind. This posting is to highlight what is wrong with our leaders and a common second wife of the PM wasting the public funds as though it belongs to them.

Yea, rosmah English may be much much better than me but is she a person with integrity and honesty while trying to act as if she is running this country and spending the public fund as and when she likes?.

A fool will only laugh at my poor English but a smart one will be able to understand that this country needs a change of Government before it rots and bankrupt in 2019.

Laugh all you want.

There is no denying that people prefer to read a well written article in good English. So what am I still posting my articles when my English is so damn bad, according to some Great Masters Of The English Language. Let me explain to you why and please bear with my poor command of the English Language.

1) If you enter my blog, you will see the title of the blog, photos and other categories indicating this blog is leaning more towards the political side. I am not paid to write for any news media or journal as I am not a journalist nor a professional writer but just expressing my own personal point of views regarding the status of our country using the best level of my knowledge of the English Language.

2) The PM had claimed that he wanted to listen to the people and I am not lucky as one Saiful who can just walked right into his front door to chat with him, so the only recourse is to write on my blog hoping that he can read it and understand what the normal people on the street wanted, if he is sincere enough in wanting to listen and not sending his cybertroopers, the SB and PDRM to hunt us down.

3) Commanding good English is not every one's cup of tea. There are different level of command depending on one's education background or exposure. You can compare it to the like of the star rating for hotels. If you can afford you will stay at a five star hotel, many are just able to live at the three star while the rest simply have to be happy living in the budget hotel. It is no shame to live either at a three star or budget hotel for it provided us the same result, a place to sleep for the night.

So, am I ashamed to expose my poor command of the English Language through blogging. No, I am not. For those who expressed their sorrow over my bad English, they are the intelligent one who need not have to read what I wrote for they are smart enough to know what is happening to this country to decide on their own future.

I am among the millions that live between the three star and budget hotels. We may want to try the five star hotel but simply could not afford to. Likewise, for those of us, whose command of English are poor will not be able to fully understand what the expert or professional writers are writing about with their jargon vocabulary and at the same time you must also be able to read between the lines.

I am not a graduate nor highly educated but thanks to our government education system, there are thousands of graduates churned out yearly that cannot secured a job due to their poor command of the English Language. So, I can consider myself to be the best among the worst.

This country is now on a political war path and this is where I come in, to serve those who are weak in their command of the English Language. They do not understand what the political scientist, political writers or political professors are writing about. They can at least absorbed my simple broken English and straight to the point political views. Just remember that political blogsphere is not for you to learn your English Language but to grasp the reality of the country political situations.

4) This country is going to the dogs and if we do not put our effort together to make a change we are doomed. For those Great Masters Of The English Language you can put your effort fighting at the higher level and as for me I will help out at the lower level, to the people on the street and those whose command of English are weak.

5) I am not challenging anyone and I know my English Language is not up to the international standard but at least I am not as bad as some of our ministers and leaders who cannot differentiate between "Election" and "Erection", reporters who do not understand certain vocab yet can file their report and charged someone for sedition. I am very certain that Rosmah would not dare to laugh at my poor English for she would be laughing at her husband and his ministers for producing the thousands of graduates whose command of English are worst than mine.

6) You can still continue to criticise and laugh at my poor English but for the sake of the country I have to voice out and call for A CHANGED IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT using the English Language even though it may not be up to the standard and taste for some of you. As long as my simple broken English can send the right message to the people on the ground to effect changed, I will be happy and satisfied.


  1. Don't let it bother you Richard. I can understand you as do many others so don't let that anon fellow, probably a cybertrooper, discourage you from doing a good job.

  2. You write well. You have a good heart. This country is for all. Not just a bunch of elitists who think they have a good command English. Does a good command of English mean some form of superiority???

    So, if i stammer, i shouldn't talk then. Huh?!

  3. Richard Loh,
    Keep up with the good 'wwork' you have done. Some careless omission of punctuations, grammatical errors, etc does not constitute a poor write up. Unless you have the time to read through your articles over and over again to edit and reedit, there are bound to be some misspelt words (as I had deliberately done here). Have no qualms about that since you are what you are..a blogger. I'm not trying to ampubodek you, but I feel most of your articles 'uuh liow' (in Hokkien) and deserves a good read. Cheers!

  4. Richard,

    For that I commend you. Continue blogging, and express your thoughts - with Queen's English or Manglish, whatever.

    Just be one who can make a difference!

    Philip LIM

  5. Richard Loh...yes you're damn right. Let all the bloody cybertroopers@anon live in their "daydreaming" and "delusional mental disorder and misidentification syndromes"...they juz don't know how to compare between "the right to express freely", "the right to exploit" or "the right thing to exploit"....they don't know which is "substance" or which is "peripheral"!!!!! Go on with your good articles (Like u said...I don't care with my English long as I am free to express my views and people understand)

  6. Really very relevant artical with the topic it is good work.



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