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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Out Of The Woods And Into The Sea Of Sharks

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Many are jumping with joy to hear the PM Najib says that the economy is out of recession. I do not understand fully about economics and I just wonder how well verse is the PM with economics.

As a simple layman, please relate to us the truth and not showing figures, which can be manipulated to make it looks good. It is nice to hear that billions are pump into development and approximately billion are also pump into the market monthly. The big question is WHERE DID THE MONEY REALLY GOES TO? Development funds are not given to the four Pakatan Rakyat States, these means other states under bn are receiving all these funds, yet we can see how States like Perlis, Trengganu, Sabah, Sarawak are still in dire need for development.

When the PM claimed that the country is out of recession, does it means that consumer goods, utilities, petrol etc. can increase in their prices while pay checks remain stagnant?

I will let the expert write on whether our economy is really that good but I like the PM to explain what I am experiencing now.

These are the usual food that I consume daily.

A cup of tea : Before CNY - RM1.00 Today - RM1.20

Koay Teow Soup : Before CNY - RM2.50 Today - RM2.80 - RM3.20

Char Keow Teow : Before CNY - RM3.00 Today - RM3.30 - RM3.80

Wan Tan Mee : Before CNY - RM2.30 Today - RM2.50 - RM3.00

Mee Rebus : Before CNY - RM2.20 Today - RM2.50 - RM2.80

I asked the sellers, are these increases just for the CNY period and will come down after, all the sellers just smile. A few chat with the people around and all of them said, "What goes up will not come down"

As I said, I do not really understand much about economics, can it mean that when the country is out of recession, prices of goods will escalate much faster while pay checks remain stagnant.

1 comment:

  1. The simplicity of it is that the present economic model we have in Malaysia is broken and does not work.

    The country is going broke!

    And the logic is simple really. Given the present tumultuous political situation, it makes no sense for the government to talk about removing oil subsidies, implementing GST, etc., etc.

    If the country is not going broke, these vote sapping measures would be the last on UMNO/BN's "to-do" list!

    Reality is forcing the UMNO/BN goons to do what is going to be real unpopular with voters since they are too proud to admit that corrupt and hijacked affirmative action via the NEP is the real cause of our economic problems today.

    Like oil and water!



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