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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Najib, If You Do Not Act Against Your Racist Members & Media How Do You Expect Us To Believe In Your 1Malaysia

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Najib, after you introduced your slogan of 1Malaysia, the rakyat keeps getting bombarded with racist remarks and everything done by the Pakatan Rakyat States were turned into racial issues for the wrong reason. Even racist and seditious remarks were puked out during the launching of your 1Malaysia programs in Malacca and London.

All these recent actions by your members and reports by racist umno controlled media were contradictory to your claim of 1Malaysia. There is no effort at all on your part to stop all these, even though your senior assistant resigned but was not sacked by you nor was he charged for such a serious offence, shows your reluctant to curb these dangerous trend of pitting hatred among the races.

By your inaction and as leader of your party as well as the PM of the country, the hypocrisy of your talk about 1Malaysia shines brighter than the sun. By allowing your fellow members and media to keep on creating unnecessary racial tension in order to bring down Pakatan Rakyat will be the biggest mistake you can ever make.

You may gain back a small percentage of the Malay voters but the price to pay will be much much greater if you cannot controlled the fire that you allow to be lighted in the first place.

Please do not claim ignorant of what is happening and pretend that everything is fine under your 1Malaysia rhetoric. To us, the common layman, we are viewing from the perspective that you are directly involved in these racist attacks or turning a blind eye to allow it to continue which you may think benefits you.

Before it get out of control, please order and issue strong warning to your members and media to stop all these nonsense. Get down to the real work as an elected government and not play politics. Stop harassing the States that are under Pakatan Rakyat and wait for the next GE to regain control if you can.

You keep on asking for suggestions and opinion from the rakyat and here I am giving it to you. Hope that your cybertroopers or whoever are monitoring blogs will pass this suggestion to you.

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