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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Najib, What Wrong Had You Done To The Chinese To Ask "Give Us A Chance"???

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When I was young I like to steal from my family and friends and on top of that I like to cheat and lie. When I was caught several times for stealing, cheating and lying, my father would show his angry black face with a cane in his hand. Knowing my fate, I would quickly kneel down and begged for a chance not to be caned. Each time that I begged for a chance, my father would remind me not to repeat them again, told to return the things that I had stolen and say sorry, with that I was let off. One day, after about a month from my last appeal for a chance, my father rushed towards me and start caning me without saying a word. I know why, because the last night I stole my neighbor's rambutan. I started crying to my father to give me a chance and that I would never ever going to steal, cheat or lie again but my father keeps whacking me with the cane. During dinner time, my father told me that I had being crying wolves too many times and this time he is not going to give me any more chances.

When asking to be given a chance, a person must have done something wrong to another person and get caught doing it.

I am surprised that Najib is asking the Chinese community to give the government a chance to prove itself. He and umno had been given 52 years and all these while they claimed that they have done no wrong towards the non malays and yet he is asking for a chance. Isn't it look silly, sound silly but in fact it is very silly.

So, Najib, maybe you realized by now that you and racist umno must have done something very wrong and damaging towards the Chinese Malaysians and seek on behalf of the government for a chance, yet again. The question of giving you a chance is not a problem, the problem is, you did not tell us what wrong you had committed, admit it, apologise for doing it and walk the talk to correct the wrong and promise not to ever do it again. By not doing these and asking to be given a chance is like putting the cart before the horse.

Najib, just remember that racist umno had been given many chances before and they failed to deliver, instead it get from bad to worst. You want "Another Chance" you have to prove your worth, no more talks and rhetoric but actions to correct all the wrongs that had been done for the past 52 long years.

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