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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is MACC Staging Arrests To Boast Najib's Corruption Key Target In Its National Key Results Areas (NKRAs)??

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It looks like the MACC is pulling no punches on its war against corruptions with the latest detention of a political secretary to a senior minister after he was found with at least RM2 million in cash in Penang.

I am not surprised one bit about this arrest or going all out to praise the MACC for their good work. What we need to look into and ask ourselves what does this arrest means?

Remember what the old man said about the American staging the 911 attack? Is he giving some kind of hint to the corrupted umno/bn and the institutions they controlled that they can always staged make believe performances to hoodwink the rakyat?

Let us study the report by The Malaysian Insider on the MACC latest actions. I reproduce only the relevant points from my perspective that this arrest is staged and the remark in red is mine.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has confirmed detaining a political secretary to a senior minister after he was found with at least RM2 million in cash in Penang.
Knowing that the MACC is going all out fighting corruptions, is this political secretary so stupid as to carry with him RM2 million in cash? Does he already know that he will not be prosecuted, just like the ex-MB who was caught with a few million in cash while in Australia? Will the senior minister be called in for investigation?

The Umno man is also said to own properties worth millions of ringgit.
Why mention the "umno man", just to show that the MACC is not bias, think about it. I am very sure that there are many "Umno men" out there owning properties worth millions of ringgit, will the MACC also go after them or they needed reports to be made with complete evidences before they can act?

“Yes, the MACC has detained a man as part of its investigations,” a top MACC official told The Malaysian Insider, declining to be identified due to the sensitivity of the investigations.
Why declined to be identified and that the case is sensitive? I see no reason at all why the top MACC officer cannot be identified. What we can see here is that when something criminal is going to be covered up at a later staged, usually they will become sensitive. Compare that to the Selangor MB "car & cow", Kelantan MB "cake", Penang CM "seditious" cases and you will understand that MACC is still bias against the oppositions.

It has also reported that 50 people have been hauled up for graft in Penang for the whole of 2009.
Why the mentioning of Penang as if there are no corruptions in Johore, Pahang, Trengganu or Negri Sembilan? Wanted the msm to spin that Penang is more corrupted after PR takes over?

The Najib Administration has put fighting corruption as a key target in its National Key Results Areas (NKRAs) under the Government Transformation Plan (GTP) released late last month. But the MACC has been fighting public perception that it only targets opposition politicians and not those from the ruling Barisan Nasional federal government.

MACC chief commissioner Datuk Abu Kassim Mohamed and his men have said that they conduct investigations without fear or favour and it’s up to the prosecutors to take their case to court when enough evidence is found.

So in order to fight public perception that MACC is bias against the oppositions and to boast Najib's NKRA, they need to stage some arrests of "Umno's men". Why I say this, just look at the last statement by MACC chief commissioner Datuk Abu Kassim Mohamed. Does he not know that there are a string of high profile corruption cases being defeated in court while many others were dead at the prosecutors front door. Will this case means that it will more probably be an open and shut case or a valid reason from the prosecutor that there is insufficient evidence to prosecute?
Read full report here.

There are still many outstanding "HIGH PROFILE" cases that the MACC needs to take quick actions but what we can see is their reluctant to pursue these cases. Even though the MACC got the guts to say that they conduct investigations without fear or favor, I am very sure this is just talk but the way they walk is just the opposite. The way the MACC goes about tackling corruptions is not presenting a sincere fight against corruptions. What they are doing now is just to pull the wool over the rakyat eyes and maybe even the TPI to improve their ranking while at the same time boast Najib's NKRA.

Previously we saw many "Wayang Kulit" being played by all these umno/bn government and its institutions, but now they are more advance and are staging more effective and convincing plays. Thanks to the old man for his sophisticated imagination.

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