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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Najib, Why I do Not Respect You As A Leader & PM

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I usually do not receive any comment for my posting but I did received 3 comments on my last posting, titled:
Najib, If You Do Not Act Against Your Racist Members & Media How Do You Expect Us To Believe In Your 1Malaysia.

I had to delete them because their comments were so racist and seditious which will put me into trouble if I were to publish them. Two of the comments added that I am disrespectful to Najib as he is the country's leader and PM. They are not wrong, I do not respect Najib and it is getting worst every day by the way he talks and acts.

As the saying goes "Respect has to be earned" and as far as I am concerned he has yet to earn any, since his premiership. Following are just a few reasons why I do not respect him and may be the cybertroopers or those monitoring blogs can forward to Najib and let him know.

1) Najib is against any rally or demonstration because these are not our culture and its against the law. Actions will be taken against those who demonstrate, he said, when NGO plan for demonstrations against the ISA, discrimination, candlelight vigils and others. Suddenly he could not act against demonstration because the demonstration is about the word "A....". What kind of leader acts in this way, one section of the public cannot demonstrate while another section can demonstrate.
And today we learn that bn and perkasa were demonstrating at the Australian Embassy with no objection from Najib and without any police interference for this unlawful event.

2) I am lucky or rather unlucky to live in one of Pakatan Rakyat's ruled State. Najib cuts of development funds to this State to ensure that the people of this State will suffer because they voted against umno/bn. Do we not pay tax to the federal government and are we not Malaysians that Najib proclaim in his 1Malaysia rhetoric that all will be treated fairly? Or is his 1Malaysia only meant for those States under umno/bn rule? Does Najib respect me for being a Malaysian living in a State ruled by his opponent?

3) His grabbing of Perak from PR followed by all the distasteful events show that he is more concern about power while the rakyat's welfare is secondary. Najib keeps on saying that he wanted to listen to the rakyat but is he really sincere in wanting to do so? The latest poll indicates that 70% of Perakians wanted a re-election to determine the Government that they wanted but Najib would not listen and insist that Perak is rightfully his after the high court ruling.

4) The Altantuya murder case is still fresh in everyone's mind. There are claims and speculations that Najib may be involved directly or indirectly. Because Najib is holding power, he can just brush aside all these as FRIVOLOUS but he must remember that he is a PM and he must show and prove that he is not in anyway connected to Altantuya's murder. Until he decided to come out face to face with these allegations, he will not be a respected PM.

5) A true leader will command respect if he abides by the law and take immediate actions against those, be it friends or foes, who abused their power, creating racial tension, corruptions, misinformation through the msm and other seditious and criminal offences. Do we see Najib abides by the law and take any actions when his ministers, top aides, party members and msm creating all the racial and religious tensions? He will act only if these come from his political foes.

6) Inaction or slow action against the many high profile corruption cases will diminished further the respect for the PM. Will the PM dare to declare all his assets and provides details how he attained them?

7) Once the government is elected in, the PM and leaders must get down to work vigorously to bring prosperity and uplift the well being of the rakyat. Instead Najib declare that he wanted Selangor back. There is non stop actions taken by him since his premiership to ruin the States under Pakatan Rakyat hoping to take back power. A respectful PM will do no such thing but to work much more harder in terms of helping the opposition States and the rakyat and wait till the next GE to fight it back.

8) How to respect a PM when he does not know the difference between party and government, not understanding the laws and constitutions, no policy and enforcement neutrality, without integrity and will not act without fear or favor.

1 comment:

  1. Just happen to read Uncle Kit's blog and clicked on your link. Yes, I totally agree that prime minister Najib has so much baggage with him that he dares not expose crooks in his administration. Bloggers like you should continue with the onerous task to expose the crooks and lead the Opposition men of integrity to take over the running of Malaysia



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