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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nut Head Talks Nut, Shit Head Talks Shit

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It is very distressing that when the country is virtually in the state of disharmony, disunity, religious conflict and racial divide, the PM of the country can continue with his act of incompetence and ignorance. Instead of using his leadership to act against those who are causing these problems, he can praised and sided with them just because he needed their support to remain in power.

Let us take a look at how the PM speaks his mind and you judge for yourself whether it is a nut head talking nut or a shit head talking shit.

The report is obtained from The Malaysian Insider and the remarks in red are mine.

PETALING JAYA, Feb 28 – Datuk Seri Najib Razak today attempted to revive his battered 1 Malaysia concept by urging Malaysians to adopt its paradigm of “total acceptance” of the country’s diversity instead of mere “tolerance”.

If you cannot put right your so call "mere tolerance" what are you talking about "total acceptance". Don't you know that only one side of the public are forced to accept tolerance but the other side which are mainly your kind does not care two hoot about tolerance. You can read what I mean from my earlier posting 1Malaysia Is Transparent, Fair To All, Respect All Religions = 1 BIG BULL SHIT and the public is believing more that your 1Malaysia is in fact a 2Malaysia so cleverly camouflaged.

The Prime Minister launched his 1 Malaysia idea when he took office last April but a recent spate of racial and derogatory remarks from his Umno party has further divided rather than united Malaysian behind his Barisan Nasional government.

His efforts to liberalise government policies and create a more inclusive, more open policy towards all races appear to have riled Malay right-wingers who now fear that his 1 Malaysia would cause them to lose their rights to the minority races.

So in order for you to maintain that your 1Malaysia is a paradigm of “total acceptance”, what are you going to do with these nut heads?

“We started off with one basic paradigm and that is tolerance. We say we tolerate or we live in a society that is tolerant of one another. But in the concept of 1 Malaysia, being tolerant is just the beginning.

Tolerance is one of your basic paradigm and I repeat again, when can you complete this stage before going on to the next. Just remember that for tolerant to work, it must be acceptable from all sides. Can you do that?

“The next paradigm is a shift from tolerance to total acceptance. This is when we accept the differences of our people, when we accept diversity as something that is unique, that provides us with a very powerful chemistry in our society... something that can actually give us strength and not otherwise,” Najib said at the Sin Chew Daily’s Chinese New Year open house here.

This is the strong point of umno's leaders, they like to talk big when they are rejected by the rakyat. This particular PM is either incompetence or ignorance or both. With his BTN, his high level special aide, ministers going half way round the globe, puking out all kind of racist remarks, pendatang, Indians are beggars, Chinese are prostitutes, the PM without lifting a finger to point out their wrongs but still got the guts to talk about total acceptance.

He added that the third and final paradigm of 1 Malaysia was to celebrate diversity.

“To celebrate diversity – that is our final destination, the final apex. If we celebrate our diversity, then it means we have reached our final destination of ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ and 1 Malaysia. This means that we think as one people, one nation, one dream,” the Umno president said.

I think the PM and at least 50% of the population will not be able to reach this final destination. Why talk about this when you can't even complete your basic paradigm of tolerant. Did I hear clearly, "Banga Malaysia" is now in your vocabulary which you all rejected it outright when DAP and NGO were fighting for it. You must be crowned the copycat PM, many of your proposals were already being suggested by the Oppositions for years and you all could not be bordered. Why the sudden change of heart?

Najib added that certain groups may embark on separate pathways but what was important was that all Malaysians converged and reached the same final destination.

“I am sure we all share this same dream – to achieve unity, harmony and prosperity – but we may take different paths to get there. Sin Chew may take a different path, Utusan Malaysia may take a different path but what is important is that we must converge and reach that final destination.

This is the most dangerous action and only the nut heads or shit heads would dare to thread. There is only one route, one path and one direction to have the same dream to achieve unity, harmony and prosperity. Is Najib telling us that Utusan's way of inciting racial and religious tension, one sided reports, spinning, lies can lead to unity, harmony and prosperity. I cannot write more on this, there must be something wrong inside the PM's head.

“Of course we much allow discourse and some room for dissent and differences of opinion but we must ensure that it is not at the expense of harmony. We must be conscious that we are slowly and surely bringing Malaysia to harmony,” he said.

You are right on this point but wrong in not taking the necessary actions when it needed most especially utusan and some of your racist bigots when their actions are threatening harmony.

Najib warned the people that if Malaysia was not well looked after, the entire nation would fall.

Do we need you to warn us, instead we have being warning you and umno/bn for years.

“I am continuing the work of the previous prime ministers. They have, in their own ways, worked towards a more united, harmonious and prosperous Malaysia. They worked tirelessly in their own ways and during their own times and some, through very turbulent times.

“I would like to say that this (1 Malaysia) is a continuation. Many people say they have heard of 1 Malaysia but they must know that it is more than just a slogan - it is about understanding and embracing the principles within the concept which are the values that bring us to shift from one paradigm to the next,” he added.

Oh my God, continuing the work of the previous prime ministers to achieve unity, harmony, prosperity and total acceptance. For over 50 years yet even the basic paradigm of tolerance has not being met. So is there any hope, slight hope at all for you to achieve the first stage, that is the basic paradigm of tolerance? He likes to talk, not just talk but talk big and at the end he does not know what he is talking about. All these kind of talks is only to one community, does he has the same guts to talk to the rural malays and ask utusan to report fully.

Najib’s remarks came after nearly 80 Malay groups formed the Majlis Perundingan Melayu or Malay Consultative Council (MPM), ostensibly to protect and defend Malay rights, Islam and the Malay Rulers which they claim is being questioned and sidelined in recent months.

A Malay group leader said the MPM will focus on the economic rights and privileges of the Malays and Bumiputeras to ensure they are not neglected in the New Economic Model (NEM) that the Najib Administration will introduce next month to stimulate the economy.

Najib, does these kind of actions fall within your concept of 1Malaysia, share the same dream – to achieve unity, harmony and prosperity? Only you can answer.

Read full report here.

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