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Monday, March 22, 2010

Prime Minister Najib, Who Am I?

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May I ask you, PM Najib, to put aside your "1Malaysia" concept on the sideline for a moment and start thinking hard. Take a few days leave and go to a quiet place where you think that can give you peace of mind without any disturbance from anyone, including your wife. Relax, have a coffee or tea whichever is your liking. Stop listening to your advisers/APCO but your own for the duration of your leave.

What you need to do is ask yourself,

"Am I sincere in wanting to bring back the glory of Malaysia where all Malaysians irrespective of their race and religious background can truly live in peace and harmony even if I were to lose my power and premiership in doing so".

When Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans, Orang Asli ask you "Who Am I", what is your answer. Do you tell them that they are Malaysians or do you tell them that they are Malay Bumiputras, Chinese Malaysians, Indian Malaysians and to those from Sabah and Sarawak, some are Bumiputras while others are whatever their race + Malaysians.

You must get the gist that all citizens of Malaysia are Malaysians irrespective of their race or religion. They can be whoever they want, Chinese, Indian, Malay, Bumiputra, Iban, Kadazan or Orang Asli in their own personal and private capacity but in the eyes of the Government they are all Malaysians. All Government policies must be implemented to benefit all Malaysians and not to any particular race. There must not be any racial tone in the working system of the Government.

Your duty as the Prime Minister of Malaysia is towards all Malaysians and not to your party umno, Mahathir, malays, bumiputras or perkasa.

The good news that you hear very often from your advisers and how the controlled media spin the news to your liking will not help you to create a united 1Malaysia but rather the reverse.

During your vacation, go online and visit as many anti umno/bn blogs, read them and also the comments posted by readers. Get first hand info on why these people are anti umno/bn. Listen to both sides of the divide and it will be much easier for you to run this country not mentioning that you will be in a better position to plan and implement government policies.

Political parties are just platforms (static) in order for the people to elect the Government they want. Once elected to form the Government, political parties must not be involved in anyway of running the Government. The duty of the Government is to look into the well being of all its citizens, irrespective of whether they voted for or against the party/parties that formed the Government.

There can be no pleasing or demand from anyone. As a leader you must be firmed once you implemented any policy and no backtracking or flip flop because of pressure from anyone or groups. But before you implement any policy, you must ensure that a full study had been conducted with feedback and the well being of the people taken into consideration, in a transparent way.

There can be no special privileges or special rights to any particular race but only to those who are truly in need of help. A majority of the Malays needed help, by all means, go all out to help them. All assistants, be it monetary, housing or food must be directly flowing to them and not through third party or intermediary.

This is a very tall order but if you sincerely wanted a 1Malaysia that cares for all Malaysians irrespective of their creed or color, there is only one route that you can take, a route that shows MALAYSIA IS FOR ALL.

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