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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Penang, 2 Years Under Pakatan Rakyat Government

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In a few days time, Penang will celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Pakatan Rakyat's Government. What can we expect from a 2 years old Government which are constantly being sabotaged by umno/bn, federal fund not forth coming, NGOs logical or illogical arguments, MACC, PDRM and Penangnites themselves.

Many accusations against the PR Government were in fact from the losers but sadly it does influence some of the people who are weak and expect a miracle to happen over night from the PR Government.

Abuse of power by the Federal Government in applying different sets of law in governing in the hope to disrupt and destroy Pakatan Rakyat. Federal Fund is off limit to PR rule States, gathering by PR is illegal but not umno and party align to umno, MACC will go all out to investigate all reports against PR members but hundreds of reports against umno are gathering dust and the list goes on.

Penangnites are themselves to be blamed. They want progress but when progress encroaches into their life they will scream that the PR Government does not care about them. When illegal squatters have to make way for development, NGOs joined in to defend and wanted to claim the heritage status because it is over 100 years old. If base on the logic that any place that is 100 over years old must be classified as heritage, then, there will not be any development as mostly all places in Penang are over 100 years old.

They want better transport system, better environment and improvement in everything, they want to be on par or even better than Singapore or Hong Kong but they do not want to make sacrifice.

For a better infrastructure to accommodate a better transport system and constructing the MRT or Skyway, do the people knows that land space and many existing structures may have to go? Are they willing to sacrifice and accept compensation in lieu for relocation?

Coming to development, since the flat land are untouchable or not available, developers have to go for the hill. Many Penangnites love to live and die in Penang and the population keeps growing but how to accommodate them when there are shortage of housing development land.

So, the only option is Hill Development. Many are now going to shout and scream at me for mentioning Hill Development. What is actually wrong with hill development, things that come to mind are, landslides that cause inconvenient to those who are living at the foot of the hill, fearing that the building might collapse, destroying of the environment and bla bla bla.

Let me tell you my experience how Singapore developed their land when I was working as construction worker during the 70's. Just like Penang, Singapore were filled with 100 over years old buildings yet they still can manage to develop into a first world country.

My boss got a HDB housing project located in Bedok and within the area stood a small hill with a Chinese temple sitting at the top. After about 6 months into construction of our project, we started to see that the temple was demolished and tractors starting to cut the hill. The hill was slowly trimmed off from the top and then leveled to the same ground level as our construction site to create more land space. Other than this hill many squatters and landed housing were cleared including vegetable farms and fishing ponds. There were no protest of any kind. The last trip I was in Singapore, I visited Bedok and witness the once rural area being developed into such a beautiful township.

If man can step foot on the moon and venture into outer space, what is really wrong with hill development. Does the people have no faith whatsoever with our consultants? I do not want to go into or accuse anyone of what had happened to collapsed high rise buildings of the past. What we have to do is to search for a solution to our housing needs.

Development on hill slope can be carried out and beautifully crafted out if proper planning and management are imposed and people with integrity, honesty such as the developers, consultants, contractors and the authority working together while placing the interest of the people, environment and safety first and profit second.

When a hill development project is initiated, the consultants and authority must be in the forefront to provide the assurance that their designs and construction method are safe on hill slope. Next comes the developer and contractors to guarantee that they will follow the approved plans to the dot and no short cut or saving cost while the consultants and authority will be supervising the project strictly.

When you slaughter a chicken, blood will spill. When hill development is under construction and if it rains, there are bound to be minor landslide occurring but it should be minimal if the construction works are carried out according to the consultant and authority requirements. People living at the foot of the hill must understand the situation that it is temporary and once the development is completed, things will return to normal.

I can hear some mumbling and cursing, that I do not stay there and does not know the danger and inconvenience that the landslide causes. Well I agree, but again as I said above, any hill development must be strictly controlled by the consultants and authority and not just leave it to the developers and contractors.

Well, you want your children and future generation to live in this wonderful island, you need to sacrifice and give in a little.

Lastly, people are complaining that election promises are not kept. I had seen many people including my friends complaining that they are not happy with their spouses simply because they did not keep their promises on many things before getting married. Why they cannot keep their promises? The situation, including monetary and working environment may have changed before and after marriage not mentioning the arrival of kids that can change many things. There are many other situations in your life that you cannot keep your promises. I hope that with this example many of you can at least weigh the predicaments that the PR Government are facing not just the Federal Government/umno/bn onslaught but by the laws that sometimes can be unjust.

It takes years and much effort to make good what had been mismanaged for over 50 years. Just like when you met with a serious accident with broken leg, broken arm, broken ribs and some brain damage, you need time to recuperate before you can be your old self again.

We have learn and found out that umno/bn is not suitable to run this country any more because of their lies, mismanagement, corruptions and the disharmony that they have created among the races hence the 308 tsunami.

I am quite comfortable and satisfy with Pakatan Rakyat Government for the past two years. The slow progress is due mainly to what I had observed and shared with you above. The people of Penang must help the PR Government in order for PR to help them, be willing to sacrifice a little, be patient and not fall into the trap of umno/bn's instigation. The next two years are going to be even tougher as umno will be on the rampage to discredit the PR Government for the malay voters as the next GE gets closer. I hope my Malay brothers and sisters will not succumb to umno/bn political ploy.


  1. Well said Richard, well said!

    Many Penangites understand that most of our present day problems are/were caused by UMNO but yet are so quick to fault DAP for not fixing it in 2 years.

    What the fuck do they want then? UMNO back to create more mischief or giving DAP the chance to rectify things, one piece at a time and slow as it may be?

    The choice is simple if you can see the big picture which unfortunately many Penangites still can't see.

  2. Agreed, Romerz! And if you read Anil's blog, you will find a sucker who acts as though he is a PR supporter, supporting PKR and fucking DAP. This kind of reverse psychology, we used to use during the Japanese occupation! Yet, he is talking as though we are three year old kids! An UMNO idiot disguised as a PR supporter! Shameful! Disgusting! Despicable! This Iron of a Lady!

  3. Well Richard Loh,
    Most Penangites do not want a puppet Chief Minister anymore and are very unhappy with the federal govt. We also know that the 1Malaysia concept with People First, Performance Now is a bluff. We pay income tax but get very little back to develop the state. We shall continue to support PR because we can survive with the federal fund.

  4. Lack of a proper explanation such as your is what is causing all these problems. Your analogue of the husband and wife theory is a good example.

    I too fell in the trap of the ' not much difference between BN and Pakatan govts' story. Thankfully, I'm wiser now, thanks to your article above.

    If these articles reach the man in the street or is published in MT, the better it would be.

    Mrs Malaprop



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