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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Nearly Fell Into The Trap Of PM Najib's Illusive Dreams

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"1Malaysia, People First Performance Now" mark the new era of the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia. Rhetoric, slogan, concept or guideline does not matter, the most important thing is its "Implementation" through sincere actions.

After 56 years of my life living in this country, going through a short period of the most perfect and peaceful multi cultural environment in the 60's right to the uncertainties of racial unity and religious harmony of the 80's, 90's till now. What more can I say but with hope and happiness when the new leader dares to approach head on with his "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now" to rectify all the previous misappropriate policies that break up the once peaceful and harmony environment among Malaysians.

Although the new PM brings along certain baggages into his premiership, I am willing to leave it aside, (it would help his image more if he were to come clean) and wait to see how his dreams can be realized and physically implemented. The impact he had created for the first four months was tremendous and people like me who is a die heart opposition supporter can be swayed by this euphoria.

He should have called for a snap poll within the six months of his premiership, where everything he does or talked about are still hot and survey was showing that he is gaining back the heart and minds of the voters. Even his inner circle and the rank and file in his administration cannot think of anything else but to lend their support. Should he called for a snap election, I am sure that he would have gotten the two third majority, even though Penang and Kelantan may still be in the hands of Pakatan Rakyat while Perak, Selangor and Kedah will be a 50-50 chances.

By getting the mandate from the people, it will strengthen his position and he would have more clough and power to see through his dreams, putting through his ideals of "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now", but he chooses not to do so. I am glad that he did not for I would have given him my vote.

Another six months down the road saw his dreams shattered to pieces. These later six months revealed that "1Malaysia People First Performance Now" was not really his dream nor his real intention to unite all Malaysians with policies that are fair to all. He is the same descendant from old racist umno under the guise of the now cracked and defunct 1Malaysia just to hoodwink the rakyat for their votes. Why he did not want to call for the snap election when things are in his favor, I would say GREED. He is not satisfy by just winning the majority but the WINNER TAKES ALL attitude.

Engaging a foreigner such as APCO which are not familiar with the local politics and umno malays mentality of ketuanan melayu was a wrong move or was the appointment for some other reason and purpose. The true intention of the PM was revealed when he proclaimed that he wanted Selangor back, no actions taken against his home minister who sided with the illegal cow head protesters, feeling powerless to call for stern action against those who were protesting the Allah issue but just mumbling "what can I do, if people wanted to protest". More racist tones were raised through utusan, his top aide, ministers and through BTN, yet to date no serious actions on his part to curb all these. He has the power to put a stop to all these racist actions by his subordinates and party members but he refuses to do so.

What thrilled me the most was the phrase "People First Performance Now". To anybody who can understand simple English, this phrase would mean that the people's welfare comes first and that the Government must perform now to ensure that it takes place. There seem to be two versions to his "1Malaysia People First Performance Now" concept and this concept only apply to the people living in States that are under umno/bn rule. To those people living under Pakatan Rakyat rule States they do not belong to his concept of "1Malaysia People First Performance Now". Instead of being the PM for all Malaysians, he wanted to see that those who live in the States under PR rule, suffers and to destroy their elected State Governments by withholding development funds, constant harassment from the various institutions, creating imaginary tension among the people through his controlled media and party organization.

With the way he allows his party members, controlled media, pdrm, macc, judiciary to go all out to bring down the oppositions can only means that he is afraid of losing power and the downfall of umno/bn. One thing he forgets is that the opposition compositions are not only the DAP, PAS, PKR and its leaders but including 50% of the rakyat.

I wanted to believe in him and for the first four months of his premiership, he really lead me into his dreams and I was thrilled to see that true changes are coming but not for long. I soon realised that his dreams are all illusive and he is no better than the previous 2 PM who are just foxes in sheep skin. The saying that "A leopard can never change its spot" truly describe him.

He has provided a brilliant solution to ensure that his ministers perform their duties by having the KPI (key performance index) but who will set the KPI of the PM. Let the people be the judge and set the KPI of the PM. At the top I had placed a poll:

How would you grade the PM's KPI (key performance index) during his 1 year in office.

Please take the poll after you have really understand how the PM perform his duties, truly with the rakyat in mind or plotting to bring down the oppositions.


  1. It took you MONTHS to see through the tricks behind 1malaysia. And you are 56 years old. Any kid aged 5 and above knew that the clown was bluffing from Day 1. You really are an old fool.

  2. you are truly a damn old fool. You need 56 years to see the opprobrious antics of AMENO.

  3. I think he is trying real hard but for the wrong reasons. He is trying not because his idea of a 1Malaysia is what the majority of of Malaysians want but keeping himself in power.

    Believe me when I say that no good man can come forth to helm UMNO when the very existence of UMNO depends on corrupt and racists practices.

    Like many before Najib, he will be a casualty of UMNO politics (even if he means well) and nothing will change in this country unless UMNO is made to sit on the opposition benches for a couple of terms!

  4. You cannot simply give a person the benefit of the doubt. You need to scrutinize his track record, from the day he first entered politics on the strength of his father being the 2nd PM.

    For instance, I would never believe even if Osama Laden vows to up his jihadist views and become a Catholic priest. He would simply put on a suicide vest and detonate it the moment he gets to meet the Pope. "Pop!" goes the Pope....the same way as Altantuya went...



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