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Friday, January 15, 2010

You Want More & Better Goodies From Umno Najib - VOTE PAKATAN RAKYAT

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Will Umno Najib stop giving out the goodies once they get back their two third majority in Parliament and return back to their old arrogant, corrupt and racist way of ruling?
THINK ABOUT IT CAREFULLY. My advise is that to get the goodies flowing we must keep on voting against Umno/BN.

Do we need to be thankful or grateful to Umno Najib for giving out the country's wealth to the people and pleasing the non malays by opening selective opportunity doors in certain section of the educations, GLC and civil services yet the quota system still in place? Why is it only now that these are carried out?

I do not see anyone asking these questions nor the so call intellectual journalists put forward such questions to Najib or write about it.

Maybe a lot of you know the answers but wanted to remain in the silent mode. By remaining silent will it help to push Umno Najib to give out even more which by right belongs to the people.

308 had provided us a catalyst to expedite a solution that this country needed. We must be part of the solution in order for it to be effective.

First of all we need not be thankful or grateful to Umno Najib for giving out all that he has being giving out lately, which belongs to the country and its people anyway.

For over 50 years Umno is untouchable and they thought so, that they can be untouchable forever, hence their arrogant, racist and corrupt way of leading this country. They keep most of the valuables to themselves and give out their unwanted crumbs to the people.

The results of 308 had shrunk their balls and put fear into them and make them realised that the people of Malaysia are not that stupid anymore. Using the fear tactic and racial divide seems not to be working anymore. (But it looks like they are trying to use religion now, we can just hope and pray that they will not succeed)

They know that to remain in power they have to give out a little more of what belongs to the rakyat. They have to be satisfied of getting a little less for themselves in order to fool the rakyat in enhancing their power comes the next GE.

Is Umno Najib sincere in sharing the country's wealth with the people and keep on doing so? The fear in them of losing power is for real and Umno Najib knows he needs to do what he has to do, but is it enough or is he just fishing for votes.

In order to ensure that he continues to share the country's wealth with the people equally, we need to keep voting against umno/bn until the day that we see that equality and meritocracy reign and only people with integrity, honesty are voted in to run this country.

We can TAME Umno/bn with the POWER of our VOTE.

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