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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nazri, Why Don't You Sack All The High Court Judges!

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The Malaysian Insider:
Nazri: Judge was wrong in ‘Allah’ decision
“In my opinion, the judge has erred in making the decision. The issue is whether the Home Minister had the power to impose a ban on the Catholic church in using the term “Allah”, not whether “Allah” can be used or not.

In my opinion, the home minister has no power whatsoever to ban on the Catholic church in using the term “Allah”. They have been using the word even before you were born. Is there any law stipulated in the constitution that the home minister have the power to ban the word or matter of fact any other words?

“The Home Minister was doing the right thing, in making a decision to avoid public unrest and dissatisfaction among Muslims, who make up more than 60 per cent in this country,” said Nazri.

For decades the word "Allah" have been used by others and there is no public unrest nor dissatisfaction among muslims until umno try to play politic using religion to gain more support.

Nazri compared the “Allah” uproar to the cow-head protests in Shah Alam, saying that it is essentially very similar.
“Take the cow-head protests for example. If you look at it from a legal perspective, there seems to be nothing wrong with stepping on the head of a cow. But because a significant portion of this country’s citizens are Hindus, the government has taken action against the cow-head protestors.”

Such an intelligent comparison, I am not sure actually what they were charged with and only because of large public outcry. They had the backing and support of the home minister and we are quite sure that the action taken were just "wayang kulit" in the eyes of the public.

Read The Malaysian Insider full story here.

Now a day the high court decisions are worthless. It has become the norm for high court decision that is unfavorable to umno or the government, the appeal court will immediately be employed to overturn the high court decision except for the Altantuya murder case. In my opinion, Nazri should suggest for the removal of the high court and dismiss all the judges and put all cases pertaining to umno or the government straight to the appeal court.


  1. Richard,

    Off topic but please help me advertise for Penang.

    I'm thinking of leaving retirement and putting in an application, if they will have me.

  2. "If you look at it from a legal perspective, there seems to be nothing wrong with stepping on the head of a cow" OMG!! What is this fella saying. It is inciting hatred, sowing racial discord that is wrong from the legal perspective. Face it. There are 2 sets of law in this country. 1 for UMNO and 1 for everybody else. Why is the police so free just to interrogate everyone (non BN)

  3. Our present govt needs a change.
    Let's resolve the "controllabe" change and forget the "uncontrollable" change.
    The "controllable" change....come election day, vote out this present govt.
    As at now, remember to remind people of all the "cover up" they have and help the people to remember till the election day. Dont let "goodies" near the election days blind the people...



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