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Friday, January 1, 2010

A Must Read For Those Who Think That Umno/BN Is Still The Best - Pt. 1

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In order for Malaysia to become fully Independent and a Developed country, all Malaysians must work together towards that goal. We got our Independent from the British but instead of being truly Independent that allows the citizens to govern this country, we are just being handed over from the British to another tyrant master in the form and shape, that is umno, which do not recognized true Independence and Democracy.

After over 52 years of the tyrant umno rules, we are getting from bad to worst. You may disagree and claimed that we have progress, yes, we have progress no doubt in what we see, the roads and highways, super tall buildings, air show, F1, monsoon cup etc.etc. These type of progress can be achieved by anyone as long as there are money and money is what we have for now.

We have not progress as a nation in terms of the peoples welfare, harmony among all the races, meritocracy and equality. We are so divided among the different races, miles apart between the rich and the poor, billions are lost through corruptions, suppression of truth, a total breakdown of the rule of law, the so call independence of the pdrm, macc, judiciary are no longer independent while the top leaders assumed that they are above the law. The frequent used term of racism, ketuanan melayu and religion are destroying and tearing this country apart.

How many times and how much longer are you all going to be deceived by umno/bn that they are still the best and capable of running this country. On face value they look capable, sound capable, act like capable but in reality what do we see in their performances. Each time when a new PM takes over, he will come out with fascinating slogan and waste tonnes of money to shore up his image, especially when voters turn against them.

The latest PM, groomed from the ways and styles of umno's expired methodology of governing, had came out with another slogan of "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now" and after nine months, more talks and no actions. We still see racism rear its ugly head through utusan, btn, umno's members and ministers, people are still last in his mind when the prices of consumer goods keep rising while pay check remain stagnant. What kind of "performance now" do we anticipate from his slogan, other than introducing the KPI, which to many learned politicians and scholars find that it does not indicate very much and we still see the same pdrm, macc, judiciary doing the bidding of its master umno.

Previously a few sweets thrown out by the PM is good enough to satisfy the rakyat and they are just happy to return back to umno/bn. After winning back the voters and triumphed in elections after elections, they always go back to their racist, arrogant, corrupt ways of governing.

After the 308 tsunami, umno knows that a few sweets are just not enough to satisfy the voters. Now they are giving out very thin slices of the cake, sometimes top with some icing to pacify the voters and win back the lost votes. This is what the present PM is trying to achieve, giving out a few more ringgits in order for him to win back with greater majority and strengthen his power base. Looking back from the previous umno's behaviour of running this country, we can safely say that, once the PM regain his power base, there is no stopping him and his umno's ministers to become arrogant, racist and corrupt again.

Malaysia must remain Malaysia and whatever we need to do and help Malaysians, we must always maintain the country's name, call Malaysia. If you sincerely want to unite all Malaysians and treat all as equal, you still can use Malaysia to get it done, why want to bring another unwarranted name call "1Malaysia"?

Fellow Malaysians, we have enough of umno/bn rule for over 50 years, we need to have a change, for better or worst, we have to give it a try. There is nothing to be afraid of, fearing a new government with no experience will destroy the country?. Let me take you back to 52 years ago, if the British were to think like what you are thinking, will the British gave up their rule and hand over the country to umno which at that time do not have any experience whatsoever in governing.?

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  1. I don't think any orders would reach in the hands of purchasers as our custom officers of BN/UMNO puppets would certainly confiscate those deliveries!!! Please don't encourage those interested parties to waste money... Thanks



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