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Monday, January 18, 2010

1Confused-PM Created 1Confused-Malaysia Blindly Supported By 1Confused-Rakyat

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Am I confused, are you confused, anyone confused at all?

Since the introducing of "1Malaysia" about 10 months ago, what we see is more confusion of exactly what "1Malaysia" entails. We see 1camp, 1toilet, 1clinic and many 1's mushrooming and yet we cannot comprehend the real gist of it. Instead of uniting all Malaysians under the pretext of "1Malaysia", now it looks more likely to divide the people further. When all else fails, religion is the best weapon. Is this part of the "1Malaysia" details?

Following the rhetoric of "1Malaysia" comes the "People First Performance Now" slogan and that complicates the already confusing minds of the people. What a surprise for the "People First" with the continuing price increase of consumer goods, expecting price hikes for tolls, petrol, utilities, transportation and worst of all the GST. Ain't these confusing?

Not to be left behind the confusion is the "Performance Now". Each and every institution is trying to shine in the "Performance Now" category. The best of the best is the pdrm, not enough police to protect the places of worship but sufficient to hunt down the oppositions for any slight misdirection, whether intentionally or unintentionally does not matter, all they want is to see that charges are brought against them. While real crimes are being committed by criminals and certain high profiles aligned to the ruling party, their performances to take actions are from slow to inactive. Getting more confused now?

To top off the confusion is the "1World" leaders blindly conferring awards on our leader without any second thought about merits, performances, justification or quality of leadership.

I had advised the PM before and since he kept asking for suggestions from the public and that he listens, I am advising him one more time.

Stop all the rhetoric and slogans of "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now", which are not only confusing you but the people as well, and get down to the real work of a true leader with honesty, integrity, fairness and without fear or favor.

Stop being a politician and start acting like a Prime Minister of a country and for the people. There will definitely be confusion on your part if you continue to behave like a politician while trying to be a PM that has to implement policies that affect the people and country.

Confused?... Nah

1 comment:

  1. I don't think I am confuse. I know what is people first and performance now. The person who is confuse is the one who started it. He is a very distrubed and confused person.



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