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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Utusan sensitive and provocative report: My tweets appeal to Najib

Utusan and the Malay NGOs are getting bolder and bolder. Why, because they seems to have the blessing of the Prime Minister, PDRM and Home Minister to act and report seditious, sensitive and provocative on race and religion.

The Prime Minister is still playing the good and bad cop game in trying to win voters from both the Malays and non Malays without realizing that this game is so yesterday and no one is playing it anymore.

If the PM is not doing anything about utusan, firstly his 1Malaysia will fall dead and secondly his chances of winning big in the 13th GE will diminish.

The only way I see it is that umno/bn is fast losing in the race to remain in power and the last card is to cause fear of riots among the races and religions. But 50% of the Malays and non Malays have better things to do then go on riots.

The PM and government are not doing their elected duties and the oath taken to protect the rakyat and country by allowing utusan and Malay NGOs to go on the race and religion rampage.

Hence after reading utusan latest sensitive and provocative report I tweeted to the PM @NajibRazak expressing my concern as a Malaysian.

Q 2 u @NajibRazak do u believe report by utusan is true, pls act if it is true, if it is not as PM u have 2 shut down utusan immediately
26 minutes ago

Pls read comments coming from all M'sians @RazakNajib on utusan's report 2day. u need 2 do something about it or else yr 1Malaysia is dead
57 minutes ago

All yr hard work @NajibRazak on 1Malaysia yet u yourself allows it 2b destroyed by yr own utusan & Malay NGOs, I m totally lost y u allow it
1 hour ago

Every1&u @NajibRazak wanted 2 win13GE playing good&badcop is so yesterday By fighting fairly, win or lose u will b honored as a great leader
1 hour ago

Im warming up 2 u @NajibRazak but sadly u r silent on utusan, malay NGOs heating up race & religion again & again, can I trust yr 1Malaysia?
1 hour ago

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