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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Putrajaya belongs to the rakyat, not to BN

by J. D. Lovrenciear | Malaysia Chronicle

The leaders and followers of BN keep reminding everyone, every now and then, that they will give their lives to protect Putrajaya. They keep harping s,o and so much so, that one wonders if Putrajaya actually belongs to a single political party only.

Then why have General Elections in the first place? Can we please allow some sanity to prevail on this land?

Politicians must be told in no uncertain terms that it is the citizens who allowe the politicians and their party to govern the nation and its people. And Putrajaya - the seat of administrative power does not belong to the politicians. Period!

If the rakyat decide to go for change (or 'transformation' as what some BN leaders prefer) and vote the alternative party or coalition of parties to form the government, then the winning team gets to Putrajaya.

Politicians championing and threatening that they will spill blood and crush bones to keep Putrajaya in their control is akin to a draconic tyrant who refuses to listen to the will of the people. This is no democracy as is enshrined in the Constitution of every democartic nation.

Just because one political party has enjoyed forming the ruling government for so long it does not automatically qualify them as the government by default. Seasons come. seasons go. People all over the world, throughout history, have demonstarted that governments must come and there will be a time for them to go.

BN cannot be more supreme than the Law of Nature either.

And for BN to keep drumming up racial, religious and sex capers, series after series, is indeed exhausting the nation's populace to a point that BN may in all likelihood be denied of even a one-third majority (or minority) placing within Putrajaya.

So stop your nonsensical triads and get down to business. Your real enemy is corruption. Deal with it. Use all the powers the citizens have vested upon you to govern. Clean up. Flush out the nation's Number One Enemy - corruption, then you do not have to worry. People will allow you another extended stay anchored in Putrajaya.

If you ask the man in the street - a potential voter, no one cares if the PM is this color or that religion. No one really cares about the sexual orientation of this fellow and the sex preferences of that fellow.

What people care is for an able and distinguished leader. One who can ensure that every citizen is able to lead a decent life, justifiably distributed between work and leisure just like the citizens in neighbouring countries like Thailand and Singapore.

What people want is that crooks do not steal and stash away the cream from the larder and deprive the 80% of the population to live on the crumbs left behind as is the case today.

What people want is that the Judiciary and the Executive go after the corrupt crooks in the best interest of King, citizens and nation.

What people want is for the police to give every citizen a decent sense of safety and security like in Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong. Never mind about Switzerland and the rest of the progressive world.

What people want is that they be made proud by a government of leaders who are walking and talking icons of examplary standards, upholding civil liberties and the virtues of mortal humanity.

Are all these too complex and difficult to understand? Or is it that the 20% of people who control 80% of the population are so insulated that they do not care anymore?

J. D. Lovrenciear is a reader of Malaysia Chronicle

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