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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Umno still searching for the Mother of all Conspiracies

by Iskandar Dzulkarnain | Malaysia Chronicle

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim may be wrong. The general election won't be any time soon.

If I were to make a prediction it would be on the 11th November 2011. That is of course, if Najib is pulling a fast one on us. Dr M is right; it wouldn’t do BN any good to have the Election this early. Preparations must be complete. A dry run is in order to gauge public sentiment.

It could have been sooner, but a lot of things have gone wrong. Silly BN is recoiling at the rate and number of fires it has to douse after foolishly creating them. Even the arsonists cannot run away in time.

Still looking for the Conspiracy that works

Nothing works for them anymore, and their strategists are still cracking their heads for the one and only one Idea, that will convince the people - especially the predominant Malays - that there is a conspiracy to take over the nation.

Some sort of coup d’etat like the one Najib pulled in Perak. It could also be an invasion of the Chinese remote-controlled from Singapore, or a second coming of Christ. But most probably it will be the anti-Christ. Such conspiracy theories make great reading and every one loves a good science fiction.

Although, little green men from Mars sounds a little too far-fetched a theory, the Chinese have been around for thousands of years.

Other than building the Great Wall of China, which happens to be the only structure recognizable from space if you are sitting in a space shuttle, this remarkable race of people have also built little Chinas all over the great cities of the world. Their acumen for business is second to none, and they rather use their secret weapon to conquer the world with their economic might.

Not far behind are the Indians. With their beautiful features and sharp noses, they too are set to conquer the world with their genius for writing computer software and handling microchips.

I may be wrong but it seems to me, the Westerners are starting to lag behind, unable to compete with their overpriced products which are also bulky, unreliable and fuel inefficient compared to the durability of Eastern-made products.

The Malays under Najib's Umno

As for the Malays, we seem to love hot spicy food. And sex. Triple X and hardcore till the end. We like it so much that every night at 8pm, our Malay-controlled TV3 shows snippets of a pornographic tape so that our young can pick up tips and become proficient lovers.

Not content with the ordinary, Malays go for oral stories and tales from the backside too. Nothing as good as snuggling together with the wife, on a comfortable couch to enjoy a great porn movie, never mind in color or black and white. If you doubt me, just ask UMNO's Ahmad Maslan if watching the man who looked Anwar cavorting with a prostitute on the tape gave him and his wife a good time too.

For most of us, our childlike innocence to the ravages of porn has been rudely awakened. Some of us will never be the same again and some may have sore asses. But this is part of the transformation promised by our Prime Minister Najib Razak - himself no slouch at the sexual game either.

Then we are treated to the likes of the Bourne Conspiracy, with attempted assassination, high speed sabotage, kidnapping of new born babies, and CSI intrigues with DNA profiling. All this Cloak and Dagger stuff keeps us upright on our seats trying to catch our breath.

In their insanity to maintain their grip on power, the UMNO elite have stepped up the attacks to change public perception, armed with a powerful mass media.

Their demented focus on showering the populace with deception and lies have made them blind to the economic damage a small country like ours can sustain should destabilization succeed.

Our total damage may even exceed that of Japan’s recent Nuclear Disaster cum Giant Tsunami. Some say that Japan may never recover. But do our leaders care?

What Malaysians want

Malaysia is still in a stage of infancy and we still have far to go and much more to achieve. Any attacks to the integrity of our nation will lead us to fumble and fall. It will take us many years to recover, or we may never recover at all. We do not want to be another Cambodia, Burma or Bangladesh.

All Malaysians want is the right to live in peace.

The right to equal treatment, color blindness, a future to look forward to and the right to compete on a level playing field. We want to be governed by a corrupt-free, fair and just government that cares for the people and upholds laws and the constitution. Anything else would be a bonus.

Every Malaysian wants to be patriotic, civic-minded, regard Malaysia as a home and to integrate and treat everyone like fellow citizens without class or creed. No more friction, no more yellow men, brown men, dark men, jungle men but just simply Malaysian, with no superior or inferior beings and without caste and classifications.

Is this beyond BN’s intellectual scope to understand?

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