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Sunday, May 29, 2011

GE 13 Keyword - PUTRAJAYA - To Capture Or To Defend? Pt 1

Is Najib employed to govern this nation as a whole or as an impartial Prime Minister that are more concern with his political coalition parties and to remain in power? What we hear and read from his speeches daily which are supposed to be official government functions are filled with political innuendos.

It looks like a war has been wedged between the ruling government and the rakyat. Najib has been calling its party members to defend PutraJaya at all cost even if need to 'crushed bodies and lost lives' and now calling out to the youths as well.

How naive Najib can be to make these calls:

“If in Egypt one million youths gathered in Tahrir Square to change that country’s leadership... in Malaysia, one million youths gathered to defend Putrajaya,” he said.

“Are you willing to defend Putrajaya?” he asked repeatedly.

The youth in Egypt are fed up with the corrupt, arrogant and incompetent government hence their march to change their country's leadership. In Malaysia, those leaders running PutraJaya are no different, corruptions are as rampant or even worst then Egypt, so is Najib calling Malaysian youths to defend PutraJaya and allow these corruptions to go on and be happy with those incompetent leaders with no integrity?

Najib stressed that the government will not succeed in its ambitious transformation programmes without help from young Malaysians.

“Some call me the Father of Transformation; I don’t know [if the description is accurate], but you all are the catalysts of change,” he said.

After over two years as the most powerful man in this nation, he keeps talking about transformation without any signs or indications that the nation has transformed into what he prescribed or is it just an illusion in his mind. Even worst is that his own ruling government, mostly run by his political party and coalition have shown no transformation nor the will to at all.

How can he be called the 'Father of Transformation' when he allows racism to strife and he himself is such a racist, if you can remember what he did in 1987. He is more fit to be called the 'Father of Racism' or 'Father of Corruption' when he can bribed voters with his famous call 'You Help Me, I Help You'.

“If the youths are with the government, our country will be peaceful and we can continue to make our country prosper,” he said.

This is the only correct statement he had ever made. Not only the youth must be with the government but all Malaysians.

The question is which type of Government?

The corrupt, racist and arrogant government who are willing to 'crushed bodies and lost lives' to defend at all cost in holding on to power, allowing extremists to perpetuate religious and race intolerance without any concern whatsoever happen to the rakyat and country;


A government who put the nation and rakyat first before anything else,
A Malaysia For All.

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