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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Poll: Is PKR an Umno Clone?

Everyone of us, supporters or members of Pakatan Rakyat are looking forward and fighting very hard to see a change in Federal government comes this 13th general election.

As the days go by, the road to PutraJaya seems to be getting further and further away. What has happen? Everything seems to be breaking apart other then once in a while screaming from leaders that the coalition is still strong, working together and they are going to capture PutraJaya.

How is that to be when PKR leaders cannot provide truthful answers to all their follies. MPs and Aduns jumped ship, party members leaving, existing members not happy with what is going on and supporters dwindling.

There is no room for decent or vocal, all must abide according to what the leader said or instructed. Sound familiar and akin to Umno?

Within the three parties in the coalition, PKR wants to be the master and only what its leader says or instructs are valid. DAP suggest a merger with SNAP and without giving it a second thought was immediately rejected by PKR, the master. My tweet to PKR Anwar Ibrahim, "Explain why DAP can work with PAS despite history of differences, why PR cannot work with SNAP" and of course receive no reply.

The Sarawak shadow cabinet list can have so many controversies, mind you, its just a shadow cabinet and PKR wants to be in control. Following are my tweets with zero reply:

work wth SNAP no no, shadow cabinet list not acceptable, only what PKR @anwaribrahim says r right & acceptable @cmlimguaneng @abdulhadiawang
2 hours ago

Funny @anwaribrahim keeps saying GE coming instead of preparing 4 it, r fighting 4 shadow cabinet @cmlimguaneng @abdulhadiawang damn sick
2 hours ago

Shadow cabinet also cannot agree how 2 run Federal @baru_bian @anwaribrahim If u want control just say so lah @cmlimguaneng @abdulhadiawang
2 hours ago

PKR shoots down S'wak shadow cabinet line-up" @baru_bian @anwaribrahim @cmlimguaneng @abdulhadiawang U all cannot c I 2 I I propose split up

PKR is just like najib who never reply point blank hard questions and only reply to those good ones that praise him.

No doubt that PKR is fighting against Umno/bn but using the same method of running the coalition like Umno treating its other coalition parties.

What I see is that PKR, just like Umno, wants to be the master in control of its so call partners and just wanted them to be obeying dogs.

I am putting up this poll and see what you all have to say in the comment box.

Is PKR an Umno Clone?




  1. Hei man,
    In any organization somebody has to be a big bro. There is a chinese saying that goes like this 'In one mountain, there can only be one tiger'. DAP cannot be a bi bro. Strategically, it is not right for DAP to be a big bro. And so is PAS. The only viable alternative is PKR.

    And in any organization, there are rules to guide its members' actions and behavior. Maybe to certain extent, thoughts.

    PKR is trying to be cautious about merging with SNAP becoz of bad experiences that the party has gone through. So many skimpy, shameless kataks from that party. If you were DSAI, what would you do

  2. New bottle, same old wine!

    PKR is a liability to a better Malaysia!!!

  3. What's wrong with Baru Bian? broom sweeps clean for this newly elected 'CM-in-waiting' who just can't wait to flex his new found muscles?

    First he jumped at Lim Kit Siang's suggestion of a merger with SNAP, and came out sorely irked and confrontational. Why?

    Now he's making a big issue out of Wong Hor Leng(MP Sibu and Adun Bukit Assek) press statement on the Sarawak Shadow Cabinet line-up announced on 1st May 2011 allegedly after 'proper consultation' at the Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak Council meeting in Kuching. As was reported, Baru Bian was away in Sabah then, so did he feel slighted he was left out, not consulted?

    Whatever the truth, shouldn't they keep it within Pakatan Rakyat coalition, thrash it out and get to the bottom of any mis-information or misunderstanding they may have and solve it amongst themselves rather than blarring in full public view and one would be more glad than BN!

    On Lim Kit Siang's suggestion of DAP-SNAP merger, many knew it was nothing but one of the senior politician's political play for ground reaction but if BB had expected LKS to be head-on dead serious ignoring consultation with his political allies, then this budding politician still has alot to learn from this senior political sifu!

  4. Sarawakian MalaysianMay 6, 2011 at 12:21 PM

    I don't see the rotten core of the Malaysian Nation that was created by Mahathir and inherited by Abdullah and Najib will be ever eradicated if PKR is to helm the Government. They are no different with the BN/UMNO mentality in their sphere of thinking, expression and adjudication of thing. They are just a spoiled plain stupid animal at best.

    I am not talking and considering the Sarawakian Malaysian Bumiputra status, since myself is one of them and are being safe guarded by Article 153 of the National Constitution. Non of my worries are about it, since that does not means anything at all if there is any either to me.

    I am more confident and secure in my mind, if DAP is to be given the power to lead the Nation and the Country, and with them at the helm will be able to eradicate all the rotten core in the Government Machinery, Administration and Policies, that are victimizing the ordinary citizen and only benefiting the powerful minority few like that of the UMNOPUTRAS.

    DAP has the brain and guts to do just that, since they had been around so long in the Malaysian Political arena, whereby PKR was recently mooted, just because of DSAI was sacked by Mahathir, which is very obvious to all of us.

    With DAP at the helm, I am damned pretty sure the destruction of the Malaysian identities created in the Mahathir era till to this date will be reversed back to the normal by having the rule of law as the guide line on our daily life. PKR must be well aware of these all!!!!!.

    Pakatan Rakyat can kiss goodbye to the idea of ruling the Nation if they are still having the foolish and stupid mentality and dwelling on the useless policy of the Bumiputra status at length for nothing. What would you do if the Cabinet is for real and you all are fighting over that. Come on, show us your maturity and we will give you our Vote again in the GE13 or be booted out for good as dumb scum forever, OK.

  5. oops sorry, typo-error I correct:

    "...and no one would be more glad than BN!"

  6. "...With DAP at the helm, I am damned pretty sure the destruction of the Malaysian identities created in the Mahathir era till to this date will be reversed back to the normal by having the rule of law as the guide line on our daily life. PKR must be well aware of these all!!!!!. - Sarawakian Malaysian

    Frankly, even top DAP people cannot "guarantee" what Sarawakian Malaysian wants.

    He knows who can. Like BN???! ;)

  7. Go read what Baru Bian said :

    PKR shoots down Shadow Cabinet

    Don't you have any problems in your life? If what can be gleaned from the report is 99% of what happened that's the style Taib uses in decision making. And this is going to go on in politics. Taib doesn't need 12 seats! Have 12 seats gone to DAP's head? PAS tried 5 seats and lost all, all in the rural areas. Very soon when DAP's prowess in the rural areas are going to be tested, will they be trojans, too? Are PAS trojans, too?

    Grow up. Welcome to Life!

  8. We don't need any party to be big brother. This will only cause resentment from other coalition parties. Wong Hong Leng was chosen to be the leader in Sarawak, and should be given the free hand to perform his duty. PKR cannot just say no. They are no the big boss, and don't act like one. I think DAP is better to join just with PAS and leave PKR alone. If PKR continue to dictate terms, I think DAP should consider leaving PKR and only merge with PAS.

  9. Baru Bian sounds more like a bureaucrat who loves meetings after meetings to chit and chat. What we the Rakyat expect is quick decisive action from our elected reps not to sit and chat but work with a hard hat!

    Comeon, this is only a 'Shadow Cabinet' line-up, not the government proper so what's the fuss about?

    Should there be any disagreement with XYZ appointed, replace them with a better choice rather than openly creating animosity and bad blood flowing between PR coalition partners.

    The excuses of "misinformation" and "misunderstanding" coming from direction of pkr to my mind are all nonsence, created just to have Anwar the final say in deciding the 'shadow cabinet', no?



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