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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

GE 13 Keyword - PUTRAJAYA - To Capture Or To Defend? Pt 2

Once the Prime Minister dissolved Parliament with the consent of the Agong, PutraJaya will be empty waiting for the next tenant who can offer the highest price in the form of the greatest number of Parliamentary seats as voted in by the rakyat.

There is nothing for the present Government to defend PutraJaya once their term of contract for five years expire. Many have argued and counter PM Najib's called to defend PutraJaya as if there is going to be an imminent invasion from outsiders. Read these two write up on how wrong it was for the PM to make such a war cry to defend PutraJaya at all cost by Kim Quek No political party is entitled to defend Putrajaya and Dr. Hsu's Are we at war?

My suggestion to PM Najib is to fire all his PR and advisers and maybe even Najib himself should step down for being so dumb as to listen and act upon the silly and at time stupid advises that were given to him.

Who will be the next tenant to occupy PutraJaya is decided by Malaysian voters and no one including the present ruling government or PM can defend it by using threats or call for blood shed.

Any party who wants to occupy PutraJaya must convinced the owner (rakyat) that they will take good care of PutraJaya, the welfare of the owner (rakyat) and that their money will be put into good use with fairness and equal distribution. The tenancy agreement to occupy PutraJaya will only be selected depending on how interested tenants can win the heart of the owner, that is the rakyat, during the offer bidding period (election campaigning period).

To capture the PutraJaya tenancy, all interested parties must abide by the rules and requirements of the owner (the rakyat). Using threats, bribery or underhanded tactics are unacceptable and the 'now learned' owner will reject such tenant.

Instead of asking the PutraJaya owner (rakyat) to extend the tenancy agreement, the PM had make a very big mistake by calling his "manufactured imaginary army" to defend it at all cost as if he is now the owner of PutraJaya.

All the grandeur speeches by the PM and numerous calls to defend PutraJaya were signs indicating that the ruling government had very slim chances in capturing the tenancy to PutraJaya.

There is still hope for PM Najib to clinch a new tenancy agreement for PutraJaya provided he is willing to stand firm and take the bull by the horns and stop all calls to defend PutraJaya at all cost, 'crushed bodies and lost lives' etc. Implement the right policies that benefit the rakyat and getting rid all form of racism and discrimination. Do I need to tell him about the rampant corruptions and leakages that he needs to seriously tackle and that no one is above the law?

PutraJaya is to house the rightful tenant selected by the owner (rakyat) and no one can defend it just because they are the present tenant for over 50 years.

As a shareholder of PutraJaya, I am calling all the other shareholders to make sure that the new tenant for PutraJaya must be carefully selected. We cannot allow a tenant who uses PutraJaya to enrich himself, not paying to the rightful owner but cronies while using the enforcement and their own laws to humiliate and threaten the owner.

Pakatan Rakyat is very keen to capture the PutraJaya tenancy and as shareholder I am willing to give this new tenant an opportunity to prove that they can rejuvenate the present downtrodden PutraJaya created by the existing tenant.

Can you agree and join me to change to a new tenant that can take good care of our property, PUTRAJAYA?

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