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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Penang To Forge Ahead, Whether You Like It Or Not

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First let me tell you about me lest you cry out loud that I am not affected because of this or that.

I am living in a low cost flat, unemployed for a few years before reaching the retiring age this year. My two daughters who are living with me, the eldest is working and the younger still looking for a job after they had completed their education two years back.

We are now surviving on the income of the eldest daughter, which after all the necessary deduction, the take home pay is less then 2K. The total expenditure for 3 of us, housing load, car loan, insurances and household expences come to an average 3K per month, so I need to use my EFP withdrawal to fill the extra. So at this point there is no saving for my daughters while we can be considered as living around the lower income group.

Who do I blame, the new or the previous State Government. I blame no one but myself for not being able to bring a better life for my children.

After 308 and Pakatan Rakyat took control of the Penang State Government, ( I am from Penang, so what I am writing is about Penang only) Penangnites had become arrogant, stupid to be easily instigated, inconsiderate, clever only in complaining, cannot differentiate right from wrong, good or bad.

As I had mentioned in my earlier posting, PR politicians are as human as you and I. They are not superman, (even superman has its weakness when facing krypton) they do make mistakes, errors but not through the way of corruptions and hidden agendas for personal gains, although there may be a few who might harbor these intention.

There was a report about people throwing shit from their high rise flat and people start blaming the State Government for allowing such a thing to happen. The low cost flat where I live, although they had yet to throw shit, we have to be extra careful when walking at the ground level because, you do not know when objects are going to land on your head. There were already a few cases of broken car wind screens when objects were thrown down. Can we blame the State Government for these kind of actions from a few retards?

When the State Government introduce the "No Plastic Day" there are people who are against it and complain that the State Government are not doing a good job.

Penangnites got angry and blame the State Government when some smart NGOs claimed that free Wifi throughout Penang can cause some kind of long term illness and they are fighting tooth and nail to stop the introduction of free WiFi. There are evidence and proofs that smoke emitting from vehicle exhaust are more health hazard that lead to death but we do not see these people fighting tooth and nail to stop people from using their vehicles.

There are always the good times and bad times. People do not appreciate when the State Government are prudent when using the State funds and create history in 2008 for having surplus over the past years. They do not comprehend the difficulty that the State Government is facing with the Federal Government holding the upper hands. Now the people are blaming the State Government for FDI shrinks.

This is an interesting comment taken from a Malaysiakini readers; by nil: The present DAP state government is still trying to solve problems created by the previous government........some of these problems may not be solvable, so people have to live with them..... so don't blame anyone but the previous administration...

Up to this point what I see about the New Penang State Government is that they are doing more good things for Penang over a few poor decisions or maybe none at all.

My fellow blogger romerz has started writing on what the Penang State Government are doing for the betterment of the State and its people. Please drop by at his blog for a good read.

My next write up will be on the argument of "Hill Development In Penang". Stay tune.


  1. A very touching post Richard but required to hammer some sense into our fellow Penangites.

    I would like to share with you something personal about my mum. In her old age, she blames everyone but herself for all "bad" things that happens to her.

    I have to constantly remind her and myself that we should look in the mirror from time-to-time first before we complain about others!

    Perhaps we should start a business selling mirrors as it seems there is a lack of them in Penang. :-)

  2. A well written piece I too worry over my retirement and the future for my son in this fast changing world.

    You are fortunate to have a filial eldest daughter which isnt as common a phenomenon as it once was



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