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Sunday, December 27, 2009

2010 - The Year Of Great Battle For PutraJaya

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By now many Economists, Political Analysts, Feng Shui Masters and Astrologers had make their readings on what will happen to Malaysia on the political front, who comes and goes, the economy and their usual hypes of happenings for 2010. I usually do not follow what they said because it seldom goes the way they had predicted. Since into my second year of blogging I will try on my own to gauge what will happen on the political front for Malaysia in the new year 2010.

After living for 56 years in this country and going through the past years, I should say that 2009 is the most disturbing year for Malaysian politics. After the 2008 political tsunami, the political landscape had started to evolve and it will continue to evolve further for at least the next decade or so.

Najib umno knows very well that if he does not make changes, it will be disastrous for umno/bn even though it may not be a total decimation. Surveys had pointed that Najib's umno/bn is gaining ground but to what degree of truth when what we heard on the ground is that people are still seeing and hearing of power abuse by all the government institutions. At this point, in the Peninsular, what I can say is that the people are divided 50 - 50 for and against the Najib regime.

2010 will be the great battle year for political parties to present their cases to the people, "who can run PutraJaya better". Do not be surprised if the 13th General Election is called in 2010 although many are saying it is more likely to be held in the year 2011.

2010 will be a very dangerous year for the Oppositions as well as those who are anti Najib umno regime. Najib umno, having failed to impress his premiership for the past 8 months will be using more tougher ways and methods to see that the Oppositions do not make any further advancement. Najib will continue to play with three hands, on one hand he will continue with his now crippled slogan of "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now" rhetoric albeit with some changes to it to attract those fence sitters and gullible voters. The second hand, he will have to soothe and satisfy his own ministers and members who are still clinging on to their racist and ketuanan melayu mindset and are dead set against his 1Malaysia. The third hidden hand will be the dirty hand that he will use against the Oppositions and all those anti Najib umno regime, NGOs and Bloggers. All the government institutions and MSM will be further tightened. Although there will be less usage of the ISA, he will go for the other acts, such as the Sedition and Printing Acts to clamp down on dissidents (which is taking place right now), expect more Opposition leaders, NGOs and bloggers to be charged.

The Oppositions mainly the formidable force of Pakatan Rakyat will continue to bang on the baggages that Najib umno are carrying. As long as Najib treats all the speculative charges against him as FRIVOLOUS and keeping quite about it, he will continue to get brickbats from the Oppositions and the rakyat will response with suspicious minds of his capability to continue to lead this country. Pakatan Rakyat, which is ruling four States will continue to fight at all front from Najib umno attacks while trying hard to perform as the ruling government of their controlled States. As long as Najib umno continues to use the institutions to protect him, the Oppositions will have sufficient bullets to shoot back. 2010 will see the Oppositions having much difficulties to move forward and they will have to use all they have to reach the people and explain what they are capable of doing should they be elected to run the Federal Government. Oppositions Mp and Adun will continue to face harassment from Najib umno controlled institutions, directly or indirectly.

There will not be any conclusion to the PKFZ fiasco, the missing jet engines, the Perak crisis, suspected huge corruption among umno/bn leaders, Teoh Beng Hock's death nor any high profile umno/bn leaders going to jail for the year 2010. But we can expect to see Anwar going to jail while the charges and convictions of prominent Opposition leaders, bloggers and NGOs for sedition and all sorts of questionable charges will be plenty.

2010 will see how much damages Najib umno can inflict onto the Oppositions while the Oppositions will see how strong they can withstand the inflictions and still continue to be able to serve out their remaining term and their plan to take over PutraJaya.

This will be my last posting for the year 2009 and will be back in 2010 for more thrills and spills.



  1. Happy New Year and wishing you all the best in the coming years.

  2. Before we even think of a battle for Putrajaya, we must make sure that OUR people attend the Parliamentary sessions in Dewan Rakyat.

    It is an utter disgrace for PR having SO MANY of their MP absent !

    And especially from Penang --- 7 MPs awoled, 6 of them from DAP, including Lim Guan Eng himself !



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