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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat 4 Malaysia, Umno/BN 4 "1Malaysia"

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I woke up this morning to realize and fully understand why Najib, the President of umno and PM of Malaysia, has to coined such an idiotic slogan "1Malaysia". My mind seems to work better, mainly because of my late night out, not to the sparkling night life entertainment outlets but attending the forum "Perak Crisis: The lessons for Two-Party System in Malaysia" with the main speaker, YB Dato' Nizar Jamaluddin (Menteri Besar Perak) taking the grand stand for nearly two and half hours. My elegant friend Paula had written a very comprehensive posting at her blog. Read what the great man, a potential PM material, had to say in the forum by visiting Paula's blog here.

We love our country, Malaysia, and will fight to the death to defend it. For now we are not at war with any country but we are forced to fight another kind of war within our own country. Everyone knows why the 308 political tsunami happened that swept away umno/bn 50 years of controlling the two third majority in Parliament and losing control of five States. Simply put, they are racist, arrogant, corrupt and thought that the law does not apply to them because they are always above the law.

This war that I am talking about is to fight against the ruling Government who are bend in destroying Malaysia through corruptions, racism and their control over all the institutions to ensure an evil and damaging victory. They hated the word Malaysia since it is starting to fall into the hands of Pakatan Rakyat that they need a new platform to fight this war. By using the public fund of 20 million ringgit, umno/bn, lead by Najib, carved out an idiotic new name for Malaysia, i.e "1Malaysia".

Pakatan Rakyat emerges to fight for all Malaysians and for a Two-Party System in Malaysia and ensured that Malaysia will always remain as Malaysia and not turn into a "1Malaysia" or anything else.

Why can't any party fight on the common and level ground for Malaysia and for all Malaysians but need to coin another name. Are they ashamed of Malaysia or because of all their shameful and unlawful deeds for over 50 years which are now found out by the rakyat and had dirtied the good name of Malaysia.

If umno/bn Najib is sincere in wanting change, he need just to walk his talk and maintain the good name of Malaysia and not by changing it.

Malaysia belongs to all Malaysians and we do not need another "1Malaysia" to fight for us. Parties can change, to 1umno, 1bn or whatever, but Malaysia will always be Malaysia.

Instead of uniting the people under Malaysia, "1Malaysia" is going to disunite the people. The fight will be between Malaysia and "1Malaysia".

Pakatan Rakyat for Malaysia while umno/bn for "1Malaysia".

Do you really love your country call Malaysia, if you do, then, we must continue our support for Pakatan Rakyat and bring back the good old name of Malaysia before it is lost forever.


  1. Thanks for the kind comment and the link, Richard. I must learn how to do it as I always end up linking to myself! :-)

    Great post here written sincerely and passionately! Keep up the good fight, my friend. Together, we can.



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