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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat Is For The People, Umno Bn Is For Umno

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Pakatan Rakyat (PR), no doubt is not 100% perfect and there are flaws and disagreement within its three component parties, DAP, PAS and PKR. Whatever they are quarrelling about within the coalition, they have to resolve them while still maintaining the family structure together.

As far as we, the rakyat, is concern, PR is the only alternative coalition to bring down umno bn. This is due to the fact that Pakatan Rakyat is voted in to serve and care for the people and ensure that the country is moving in the right direction.

It is now time for PR to start looking into the major issues that are still prevailing that can be used by umno bn to destroy Pakatan Rakyat. A suitable replacement for Anwar Ibrahim must be chosen now for we can see as clear as daylight that Anwar Ibrahim will be going to jail, guilty or not, umno bn will see to that.

Do not be too eager to simply accept frustrated umno bn ex members. I suggest Pakatan Rakyat comes out with conditions, that whoever wants to leave bn and join PR must first resign from their party and remain party less for at least 6 months. When they join PR they must start from scratch as an ordinary member for at least two years before they can seek for elected position in the party and they cannot be a candidate for the next coming GE.

Of course PR leaders must be able to access the quality and sincerity of those who wants to join and determine who has to observe these conditions and for example, Zaid may not need to comply with these conditions. Just be very careful when you allow ex umno bn members to join PR.

Pakatan Rakyat Must always be "For The People And By The People".

umno bn is struggling to recoup the continue lost of support. People are not talking about bn, they are talking about umno bn, why? It is because everyone knows that umno controlled bn, hence bn is umno and umno is bn. Other bn component parties have no say or can do anything except to comply what tai ko umno instructed.

Najib bring forth the 1Malaysia concept, but he himself rejected the Malaysia Malaysian and Bangsa Malaysia concept by Tun Mahathir, so what is 1Malaysia. umno now interpreted 1Malaysia as a malay unity. Malay unity first before 1Malaysia, I am dumb folded and very confused.

umno bn is always trying to confuse the public with their actions that differs from their talks. All is done in a way to ensure that umno bn is always for umno only and to remain in power no matter what comes may.

As I had said, Pakatan Rakyat may not be perfect but I will still chose and vote for PR to take over the Federal Government for the very simple reason that they are much better than the arrogant and corrupt umno bn that has no integrity.

We have to take our chances with Pakatan Rakyat for the Federal Government this coming 13th GE and to let umno bn leaks their wound. umno bn can only change when they are out of the Federal Government and hope that they comes clean and start a fresh before we decide whether they are ready to rule again.

We have given them 50 years of rule and that is long enough and since they are still adamant in their arrogant attitude, corrupt and placing people with no integrity to run this country and with no change in sight, we need to replace them for the good of the people and the country.

1 comment:

  1. Now, if only DAP can finally get some street smarts. Also, bloody stop fighting through the press - can't they have private discussions instead of issuing statements?

    And, if only the bloody hypocritical young members of PAS can stave off their ego and power(money?) hunger as well to spurn temptations of UMNO.

    Frankly, there should be a strong separation of religion and government in order to cater to a unified and fair country. Religion has its place, but so does a modern functioning administration.



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