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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

DAP, PKR Forget About PAS, Be Prepared For GE 13

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PAS had started to dig their own grave by their willingness to sleep with umno. Looks like Pakatan Rakyat will not be in the picture comes GE 13. My advise to PKR and DAP is to start preparing the battle for the GE 13 against umno/PAS/bn. umno is going all out to break Pakatan Rakyat, which, from my point of view is going to be successful since PAS is a willing partner in this destruction.

I expect that najib will soon be joining in to stress further the cooperation between umno and PAS to frustrate PR supporter and if possible some kind of "C4" will be used to blast PR to pieces. With the broken down PR, najib will call for fresh general election and it could be as early as next year.

There is no more time for DAP and PKR to dilly dally with PAS but start planning for the onslaught comes the GE 13. With only DAP and PKR in a new coalition, you can still win Penang State and with much effort and careful planning strategy, you can capture Selangor, Negri Sembilan and Malacca and deny umno/PAS/bn the two third majority in Perak. Forget about taking over the Federal Government for now.

Unless and until PAS declare openly that they will not sleep with umno no matter what, the above scenario is just likely to happen.


  1. What about this one?

    I gave up ...



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