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Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Apology To PAS Members Who Strongly Supported Pakatan Rakyat

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My last posting DAP, PKR Forget About PAS, Be Prepared For GE 13 had drawn numerous flake among my FB friends (a few had deleted themselves from my friend list) and a few emails bashing me for over reacting about PAS "unity talk" with umno.

Before continuing with my explanation, I sincerely apologized to all PAS and PR members who feel offended by my posting.

When one of your friend is about to betray you, especially if it involves someone that you hated most in your life and you know about it, what is your reaction. Can you just accept it lying low and see it happen. For me I will kick my friend in the butt and issue an ultimatum to discontinue our friendship should he continue with it.

Politicians, especially the top leaders who usually will become arrogant when they had obtained the power, must view towards the angle of the majority and whatever they think that they want to do must always be accepted by the majority first. They cannot take the people for granted and authorise themselves to simply do whatever they like. See what happen to umno when they authorise themselves to be the judge, the jury and the executioner.

The majority of us who swing over to PAS is because we can no longer tolerate umno brutal style of running the country. We accepted PAS concept that "PAS Is For All" and we move on with that entrenched inside our mind.

I like to explain this comment posted at FB by
Aswadil Azmir at 11:46am June 10
Mr.Richard,pls la,jangan terlalu negatif dgn PAS.Dlm Pakatan,saling perlu memerlukan.Tanpa PAS,Pakatan tak akan sekuat sekarang,begitu juga sebaliknya.U tak ikut perkembangan semasa la.U mungkin baca utusan malaysia tapi u tak ikut muktamar PAS.Strongly i say that your knowledge in Malaysia politic like UMNO members & leaders.Setiap pendapat perlu ... Read Moreada ilmu & bukannya api kemarahan.Itu sebab dalam Islam,bila kita mahu marah,kita mesti cepat2 ambil wuduk / air sembahyang kerana syaitan2 amat suka kpd mereka yg pemarah,ilmu yg cetek & bercakap ikut suka hati tanpa menjaga perasaan org lain.Be professional la Mr.Richard.

While I agree to what Enche Azmir wrote, it must be noted that the majority I talk about are people who are not indulgent in Malaysia politics, non professionals but just common laymen like me. These are the people whose votes count the most. Although these majority are non professionals and politically retarded, their eyes are more open now, not like yesteryear. They are more demanding now and if politicians try to hoodwink them in anyway, they will speak out and use their votes to retaliate.

I may not have much knowledge in Malaysia politics but if political parties were to say one thing and act the other way, I need to make noises in order that the politicians hear about it. We cannot just keep quite without voicing our concern if there is any deviation, for they will take it to mean, silence is consent.

We cannot accept the fact that what politicians do are political games or politicking to enhance their political future. They must learn to accept the true fact that they are there to serve us and the country, not for their political gain.

In PAS we trust, please do not deviate from the promises and concept that are outline in your party manifesto and your cooperation with Pakatan Rakyat.
Iqbal Ikhwandy at 8:35pm June 10
ok guys..thankx for the support..
now we'll wait for richard's respond..
and richard, i hope u'll think again after what all of us just said..ok?
we need each other..between PAS,PKR and DAP.
as simple as that..

I agree totally with you, Enche Ikhwandy, we need each other support in full and bind the forces of PAS, PKR and DAP together to bring down umno for the sake of this country and it's people.

Hope my explanation is clear to you all. I still have high hope for PAS working together within Pakatan Rakyat and that the so call unity talk with umno can be laid to rest.

In my book, "umno is a bad word", no matter how nice umno wanted to present themselves, it can never regain my trust ever.

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