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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Best Place And Time For Fruitful Ideas

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Today I will stop talking about politics and instead deviates to my personal behavior. I am not a writer nor a journalist as you can judge from all my posts writing. I usually start to write a posting as and when a topic pops up in my mind. There is no planning, drafting or second thoughts as you can see from the numerous grammar and spelling mistakes. I know it is bad but as usual this bad habit syndrome is hard to change but I promise myself as time goes by my writing will improve and with encouragement from fellow blogger Paula Khoo of Masterwordsmith.

Now, back to today's topic, "The Best Place And Time For Fruitful Ideas". Whenever I sit in front of my computer with the create posting page at blogspot, my mind will always be blanked. I just could not think of what to write, even after having read all the political news elsewhere online. So where, how and when can I get the topic ideas to start writing.

I would get a cancer stick and go inside the toilet, either standing or sitting on the toilet bowl and start puffing away. All of a sudden, my mind will be cramp with various points and ideas for me to start writing. (pls take note that this is my habit and would not encourage you to follow, thinking inside the toilet is ok but without the cancer stick). Usually this will take about five minutes and I will get back to the computer and happily typing away.

Sometimes when I am not writing, ideas will creep in my mind when I am inside the toilet answering nature's call. Even the idea of this posting was thought out while I am inside the toilet this morning.

Using the toilet to let my mind runs wild works for me and it does not take a long time for me to start writing so I could not forget what I had just thought about. I can think about what to write when I am in bed, just about to go to sleep but it is not helpful. I will forget most of it when I wake up the next morning. Old age catching up I presume or just plane lazy to get up to jot down the points.

Using the toilet as my thinking station works not only for my blog writing but it also works for my other daily work schedule planning as well.

Before I end this posting, I would like to appeal again for your help to
Please go to the site direct and help in any way you can. Thank you.

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