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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Muhyiddin, Why The Wayang Kulit Over Utusan?

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A reporter, reporting the truth ended up inside the lockup under the ISA. Using object and words can be charged with sedition. Wearing the wrong color, having breakfast, holding candles, jogging or cycling can be arrested. Is Muhyiddin telling us that these are more serious crimes than the way utusan present their news report?

Newsletters of opposition parties can be banned for flimsy cook up reasons or for no reason at all. When utusan, famous for raising racial slant keeps on pounding their racist reports, you, Muhyiddin, just tick them off.

This is what you said as reported by The Malaysian Insider:

“You have to respect the position of every race in the country. Those who have been accorded proper citizenship, irrespective whether they are Malay, Chinese or Indians, is provided for in the law and constitution. So, whoever it is, I do hope that there has to be better understanding, whether or not it is Utusan,” he said.

Since no action is taken against utusan by suspending utusan permit, you are just blowing hot air to dance with the usual umno/bn wayang kulit.

Your "whoever it is" without taking any action against utusan indicates very clearly that umno/bn are still above the law and everyone else will be subjected to prosecution for raising racial slant or racist comment.

I agree with you when you talk about the law and constitution provision, but, instead of following the provision, you and najib, after ascending to power had shredded the provision of the law and constitution into pieces.

The way you and najib presented your so call changes are only superficial to entice for the peoples votes in order to remain in power.

My campaign to call for a change of the Federal Government in the coming 13th GE will continue until I see real changes like, implementing the IPCMC, get rid of the ISA, OSA, Printing and Sedition Acts and reform the judiciary. Ensure that all the Government Institutions perform their duties with fairness, integrity, without fear or favor and according to the provision of the law and the constitution.

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