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Monday, December 1, 2008

I Agree With You, Mukhriz, Close Down Vernacular Schools

Malaysiakini reported;
Mukhriz: Close down vernacular schools
He was of the opinion that the disunity in the community arose from the different education system and proposed that a single education system be implemented to foster greater unity. Detail report at Malaysiakini here.

Murkhriz, Malaysians must be proud to have you as their future leader where your foresight for unity is by closing down vernacular schools. If you are sure that vernacular schools are the cause of disunity, then I totally agree with you that they have to be closed down.

Vernacular schools are not the only cause for disunity, which I am very sure you would agree. In your heart and mind you must have realized that there are many other causes of disunity which I think you will be announcing soon and call for their removal.

Your good cause is my cause as well and that is to unite all Malaysians as one. Other than closing down vernacular schools in order for a full Malaysians unity you need to be brave as well to remove the following.

1) Close down "malay only" schools and form only national schools where all Malaysians can study together.

2) Remove the ketuanan melayu idealogy. All Malaysian citizens are master of this land.

3) Close down Mara or open it to all Malaysians that qualify for entrance.

4) Remove the nep and let all Malaysians be equal as citizen of this country.

5) Make meritocracy the norm for all universities entry, promotions in civil service and other aspects of businesses, cabinet posts etc.

6)Dissolve umno and all bn component parties and form one party where any races can apply and be a member.

6) Make it illegal for anyone to pass racist remark against any Malaysian or calling Malaysians to leave the country if one is not happy.

We are waiting and hopeful that the above will be announced by you shortly, that your call for unity is truly from your heart and not just for your political mileage.


  1. Well said bro,I too agree with you that vernacular schools should not exist,provided the govt is serius in offering chinese and tamil classes during school hours in national schools but with greater emphasis and commitment and not mere window dressing to win non-malay votes.
    Bro,You said`close down malay only schools'actually we have passed that stage of malaynization of our national schools and now creeping islamization is what taking place in our national schools.Secondly the govt should bring back the history syllabus of the 60s and 70s back to our schools and do away with the present pseudo history syllabus.These selfish and racist UMNO scums are the one who scared away the non-malays from national schools due to their racist stand and now they have the gall to ask for the closure of vernacular schools.What do you expect from the mouth of the offspring of a `maharacist'mahathir?Words of wisdom?These fellas do not want to realize that we are heading towards failed states like Pakistan,Afghanistan,Iraq,Zimbabwe,Sudan etc,etc.Can you imagine where Malaysia has a higher learning institute exclusively for a certain race and yet these political scums blame primamry schools for disunity.Joke of the year lah.Mukhriz even before you become Umno youth chief,you have shown your immamture and weak personality.I feel sorry for Malaysia with people like you trying to helm it.Stay strong in your cocoon and be the laughing stock of the world.


  2. Well said.Until and unless Umno open up opportunities in civil service and other government facilities and treat all Malaysians as equal we are a long way to national unity.
    Tun Mahathir's racist policy is the result of a divided nation that emphasise on Race.
    Mahathir and his family has accumulate enormous wealth out of the racist 'ketuanan melayu' propaganda.
    Malaysia really need a New Government that promote 'ketuanan Rakyat'.
    The Country DO NOT BELONG to the families of Umnoputras or Mahathir,Razak,Badawi -Malaysia belongs to the Rakyat......Hidup Reformasi !!!

  3. Mukhriz ...don't think he will reply to the above questionaires posted here.

    Gonna be scary to have the next YOuth Leader with such mentality...Another dictator in the making for Malaysia...

    Saya Anak Malaysia

  4. Mukhriz is vomitting, racist numero uno's view who happens to be his father (Maha TIU).

    Other races has been learning and using Bahasa Malaysia. Non-Malays have adopted and embrace Bahasa without any qualms. But have the Malays try to understand other languages and culture?

    It is the UMNO Malays, who have no idea to counter the backlash of the raqkyat. And they resort to "don't play with fire, don't that don't this" kind of comments. Always trying to invoke fear!

    Looking at the kind of stupid politicians, who might be leaders in future, this country is going DOWN and backward! I pity my children and worry for their future. No intelligent leaders, only MORONS abundant!

  5. dont talk nonsense, if mukriz is smart, he should focus on other thing else, school doesnt make anything different

  6. Don't just worry about your children's future but do the following:

    1.Make sure they get a good education so that they can at least qualify to work in Singapore and thence move on from there with overseas posting or finish a degree course.
    2.Discuss politics with them and encourage them to spread the word among other young adults to vote out racist politicians.

  7. This guy is not worth mentioning.
    after all he will be rejected by malaysians
    and will be history very soon.
    malays-chinese-indians and others
    will once and for all vote BN into oblivion.

  8. And to add on one more point to the six points mentioned above:

    7. Eradicate Malay extremist like those of GGMM

  9. Good arguement there by Mukhriz

    Do read my take on this issue.

  10. Sorry but NEP is the thing that has made this country relatively peaceful in the last few decades

  11. Pea brains having mental constipation that led to verbal diarrhea.

  12. Why even bother to close down vernacular schools? If the alternatives like national schools are so much better, in time all vernacular schools will close by themselves for lack of demand. However, as is, there are no real alternatives. BTW, vernacular schools are not closed to 1 race, they are open to all races.

  13. For everyone, schools make a difference. Never insult education.

    Any-name, of course vernacular schools are not closed to one race, but if you have a sign saying 'Sek Ren Jenis Kebangsaan Cina', who do you think will mostly walk in la? hahaha

    this is not about stripping the chinese, indians or ibans (although i dont think so there is a SJKI), of their identity. This is to promote unity.

    One language, One song, One identity. You are, indirecly teaching children about segregation. We want them to be colour-blind. For life. I am not saying vernacular schools is the PRIMARY reason, but its a good good start for children. They dont know anything yet. Dont knwo about politics, racial parties, racial comments, ISA (maybe now)..

    and yes, this means, malay only schools needs to change. our schools need to change people. Whats wrong with all of you? Some comments are so enraged by what Mukhriz says, haven't all of you thought for a second how to make this country better? The politicians are slimeballs in my opinion. They claim every statement is seditious, busy making police reports when you should be thinking how to make your country better.

    and correct me if i'm wrong, ketuanan melayu is an ideology or is it just history. My take on it is well, the sultans were the masters of their land. Our history is what got us here and ketuanan melayu is just making a statement of the sultan's power.

    Now i don't know if i made sense but, embrace it as part of history. If you are really Malaysian, you'll acknowledge this as true.

    Not what the politicians are using it for. Rulers watch out for their people. Not drive in fancy cars with million ringgit projects handled by proxies.



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