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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Are We Skirting Towards Disaster?

Mukhriz was misquoted, report Malaysiakini. Read details at Malaysiakini website.
The ruling Malaysian Government, practically under umno control is playing with fire which they have no idea how to contain should it spread beyond their playing field.

Malaysia leaders, majority of which come from umno, always preach to the world that the country is peaceful and living in harmony among the various races. Is this true? I would believe it if we are still living in the sixties and early seventies but not now.

There is always a different between umno and the rest of its citizens. The different is, umno is the power house and whatever they want to do or say, whether they are right or wrong, nobody can question them or debate about it. You can be wronged and get arrested for pointing or debating about what they did were wrong. This is the Malaysia Boleh style of governing.

You can see clearly their arrogant attitude in many forms. A simple example, when they play with fire and got burned, they do not blame themselves for playing with fire instead claiming that the fire are being thrown at them by innocent onlookers who are just trying to warn them not to play with fire.

They are now playing with bigger fire, especially when their power base is slowly disintegrating. Although their big talk to the world that we are living peacefully in harmony but in true fact they are trying their best to create something disastrous in order for them to remain in power.

They are creating a mountain out of a molehill for any slightest commotions which are created by themselves. So, my advise to all Malaysians, DO NOT FALL INTO THEIR TRAP. Let them play with their toy, the fire, leave them be. They do not want anyone to talk or question about "ketuanan melayu", we don't talk about it, let them keep it under lock and key, for it will be become useless in time to come when it is kept in the dark for a long time. Other subject, like the vernacular schools, let them talk and shout all they want, for we know that they cannot do anything about it as it needs parliament to amend the constitution.

If we try to counter every silly things that they say or trying to warn them not to play with fire, we ourselves will get into big trouble and this is what they want, to create a disaster and they will use this as an excuse to persecute and declare an emergency.

I REPEAT: DO NOT FALL INTO THEIR TRAP and this apply to the oppositions as well. Do not counter them, for we the rakyat knows what is happening. Just run the States under your control properly and make the rakyat feel proud of being a truly Bangsa Malaysia.


  1. A sound advice to the Pakatan states government. The Pakatan gov should just focus on managing with integrity and not succumb to the dirty tactics of the warlords.

  2. I agree with you. If we all just maintain a dignified silence over the whole thing this will be more effective than trying to counter every point/silly statement made. It wastes so much energy. Better for the PR states to concentrate on governing well.




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