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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Malaysia Irresponsible Government Causes The No Mood Syndrome

Malaysiakini 'in blogs' and 'top blogs' highlighted many postings on the irresponsible umno/bn government actions. More st Malaysiakini site.
This blog will not celebrate or make any wishes for all the holidays in the calender year until the Irresponsible Government of umno/bn make amends of the following:

Repeal The ISA
Release all the ISA detainees or charge them in the court of law.

Bring to book all the scoundrels and reclaim back all the billions that are lost.

Make PDRM Carry out Their Duties Without Fear Or Favor.
Get the PDRM to fight real crimes instead of intimidating the innocent people who are just voicing out their concern for the well being of the country.

Incompetence Ministers
Replace all the incompetence Ministers, such as Home Minister Alblur-Blur, defector law Minister Nazir, DPM Najis and practically all the existing Ministers.

Bring The Food And Petrol Prices Down
When global petrol price goes up, Malaysia petrol price also follow the trend and when the world petrol price stumble, Malaysia finds it so hard to bring the price down.
When petrol price rises, all food prices follow by going up. When petrol price fall, food prices are still climbing.

This country is in mourning on the death of FREEDOM And DEMOCRACY while the Irresponsible umno/bn Government, still in power is acting like nothing wrong is happening to this country.


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  2. Next G.E. We, RAKYAT will send BN/Amno to HELL FOREVER. We are SUFFERING and want CHANGE of Gomen!

  3. Yes, I agree with you.

  4. Hi Richard

    Just swinging by to wish you the very best for 2009. May you have good health, wealth, happiness and laughter in your life always!




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