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Saturday, November 29, 2008

The CHANGE Is Still Ongoing For MalaysiaKini

Malaysiakini reported that Zaid Ibrahim made a special appearance at the PKR annual congress but no news on his attending the Penang DAP victory dinner. More at Malaysiakini website.
The voice for change is still there, change to what, after having control the Penang Sate Government. Change the Federal Government next, the crowd of more than 10,000 seems to echo the calls from the speakers for the night.

Zaid Ibrahim And DAP supremo YB Lim Kit Siang

The DAP Penang 10,000 victory dinner was held at the Han Chiang School field on the 28th Nov. 2008. When you saw the crowd, your mind tends to recall the 6th of March election campaign held at the same venue with well over 30,000 people attending. Yes, the wind of change is ongoing for our Malaysia until we see the fall of the umno/bn federal government.

Two distinguish guest speakers provide the very points and reasonings that Malaysians must stand up and be counted in order for a true change. One is the victim of the unjust ISA, Teresa Kok, which do not need any introduction.

The other, a sales man for scotch tape in Penang when he is a teenager, later became a lawyer and a minister in the PM department is non other than Zaid Ibrahim. He is still a sales man today, he claimed, but not selling scotch tape anymore but a concept to unify all Malaysians as one, living together in harmony. This product he is selling today is call Bangsa Malaysia.

We expect to see more of Zaid Ibrahim and his kind as we march together on the road to complete freedom and justice.

Below a few snap shots of the event.

The heroine from Selangor. Everyone just want to take a picture with her.

The Crowd...

The mix of togetherness

The smile of happiness

The Lion of Gelugor

Mrs. Chief Minister Of Chong Eng and others

MP Jeff Ooi together with MPs from PAS

The V V I P

More Crowds

The more than 10,000 crowds

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