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Friday, December 5, 2008

Malaysia Striving For The Best Among The Worst Title

Malaysiakini reports Najib, IGP claiming that our crime rate is low as compare to other countries. Details at Malaysiakini website.
Malaysia is happy and contended to be The Best Among The Worst but not The Best Among The Best. This is the way our present leaders is guiding our country too. They are just reluctant to go for The Best Among The Best for reasons only known to themselves.

1)Our democracy is better than North Korea and Burma

2)Our education system is better than Uganda and Somalia

3)Our petrol price is still cheaper than Thailand and Indonesia

4)Our toll rate is lower than most South East Asia Countries

5)Our crime rate (although is increasing in an alarm rate every year) is lower than Japan and Hong Kong

6)Our sports are better than many third world countries

7)Our ISA law is better than the US

8)Our currency is stronger than Indonesia and Laos

...and the list can go on......

Our leaders are so proud of the achievements when everything are compare among the worst. It is always the better among the worst case scenerio. Can you believe that?

Not one time did any of our leaders feel responsible over our failures to strife for any top position or full merit recognized by international standard.

Malaysia Boleh, Boleh Apa?


  1. The setback is, all these leaders are the best amongst the worst also, in that political party. Meaning, all the members are worst than them. Smart ones are expelled from the party leaving the morons behind to vote for them.

    And the saddest part is; the problem is getting worst than before.

  2. Malaysia Boleh, Boleh Apa?

    boleh membunuh dengan C4 dan bebas dari hukuman.
    boleh menggunakan duit anda dalam EFP utk shopping di new york.
    boleh memberikan projek2 kerajaan kepada anak2 and saudara-mara dengan alasan mereka boleh laksanakan projek tersebut.
    boleh semua bukan rasuah tapi komisen saja.

    semua ini berlaku di depan mata anda... and you can do nothing about it...

    malaysia memang boleh.

  3. BUT BUT BUT, isn't this ketuanan melayu? the best of the worst people alive? IT IS THE UMNO WAY or no way at all, now the question to ask is this, WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP VOTING THEM IN, don'tjust lament and cry over your spilt milk, do something about it, if you are from the outskirts, than go and talk to you family members what you have seen, heard, felt and experienced in the cities, advice family members and friends, kampung neighbours tell them about the scoundrels, also don't forget to tell them about the new light at the end of the tunnel, tell them about PAKATAN.

  4. Our 'you know who' is better than Mugabe!



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