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Friday, December 12, 2008

Please Help Our PDRM Turn Malaysia Into A Police State! Update

Update: Just read this statement from JERIT SECRETARIAT; Today the Deputy IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar had urged the public not to participate in the JERIT’s campaign claiming that it is an unregistered organization, and we do not have permits and if the public takes part it is a criminal offence. More at Susan's blog. See what I mean calling you all to help PDRM turn Malaysia into a Police State!!
Malaysiakini reports so many bad news happening in the country and the police instead of going full force to protect the rakyat are running rampage on our civil rights. More reports at Malaysiakini.
Definition of Malaysia Style Police State:
Total use of force by the police/umno against anyone (except umno members) for disobeying the written laws and any verbal unwritten laws issued as and when the police/umno deem fit.
We are the law and more important is "we are above the law"!

The Law Is The Law (Written Or Unwritten) And Anyone Found Breaking It Will Be Arrested (Except For umno members).

Warning to all Malaysians and Foreigners.

You can get arrested for committing the following crimes when you step onto Malaysian soil:

(A) For Gathering of more than 4 people.

i) Tourists please do not visit Malaysia if your group consist of more than 4 people.
Will the tourism ministry please put up warning signs at all entry points informing all those who want to enter this country to obey this law, just like the signboard about the death penalty for carrying drugs.

ii) All health exercises, like Tai Chi, line dancing, football, games played in any open areas cannot consist of more than 4 people.

iii)Do not attend any funeral if you do not know whether they have apply for a permit.

iv) In order to avoid mingling in any crowd of more than 4 people, do not go anywhere, stay at home or if you are tourist, best you stay inside your hotel room.

v) Family of more than 4 people, please break up and go separate ways to avoid being arrested.

(B) For lighting of candle.

i) Should there be any power failure, you must not light any candle, just do whatever you need to do in the darkness.

ii) Remember not to light any candle when you pray outside your temples or churches.

(C) For Wearing T-shirts

The police is dictating what type and kind of t-shirt you can or cannot wear.

Warning to tourist, for your best interest, do not wear t-shirt at all just in case you wear the wrong one and got arrested.

Sportsmen, please wear your formal shirt, tie and coat when participating in any of your games.

(D) For distributing of leaflets.

i) Please make citizen arrest of anyone distributing leaflets around shopping malls, leaflets place on your car windscreen, leaflets place inside your letter box etc.

(E) For cycling

Tourists please do not rent any bicycle for your sight seeing as you can be arrested by the police for no reason at all.

Students who have to cycle to school please stop immediately, if you cannot afford other type of transportation, then, its best that you walk but remember not to walk in group of more than 4 students or you can be arrested also.

Shops selling bicycles please close shop because no one will be buying any bicycle as one can be arrested for cycling.

(F) For Your Safety And Protection

Please do not go to the police for help, especially the tourist, if you are in danger because the police will arrest you under the ISA in order to protect you.

There are reports daily of so many bad happenings in the country that require the police force to help and protect the rakyat but instead they are running rampage on innocent people who are just demonstrating their civil rights.

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