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Friday, November 14, 2008

Wake Up Call - Pakatan Rakyat, You Are Under Attack

Malaysiakini reports on "Higher deficit budget for Penang", with a RM39.4 million deficit Budget 2009. More at Malaysiakini.
Being a Penangnite's, I will just hit or "attack" the Penang State Government and hopefully other States under Pakatan Rakyat will heed this wake up call.

Penang State now under PR rule, especially DAP must not repeat the same mistakes by the previous umno/bn government. The people voted PR for just one simple reason, and that is to see changes from the bad and mismanagement of the previous government to an open, creative and honest government with the State and the rakyat in mind.

I had read through various blogs that posted many negative views of the State Government with readers negative comments as well. This is not a good sign and we have Realigned Bloggers who are using their blogs and their latest tools, "the medias" to spin the other way round, claiming that "We can’t attack the DAP, Anwar, Teresa" which is totally untrue.

This is my statement in an earlier posting titled, Realigned Bloggers Who Themselves Are Showing Their True Colours:

As bloggers especially socio-political blogs, we penned our thoughts which should be neutral and base on true facts. We will "attack" anyone that is perceived to have done wrong even if it is the party we are aligned too.

Its well over eight months since PR took over the State Government and there are good and bad decisions being made so far. We do not expect 100% achievement but at least there must be a certain level of visual improvement in the State.

There are bloggers who are attacking every decision that the State make, especially on the proposed wifi access throughout the State, transportation systems, the MOU with the Koreans on the proposed Golf Course and the “Kings of Tennis” debacle.

From what I observed, the bloggers who are leading the pack and most of the rakyat want to know everything inside out of any development plan proposed by the State Government even before any negotiation takes place.

This must be a tough call, but, if the State Government is really working towards the advancement and betterment of the State and the people, following DAP's CAT ideology, I am sure something can be worked out.

Even though the “Kings of Tennis” debacle was caused by private interest, the State Government must still share the blame for the debacle. We understand that any event, be it by the Government or private sector will still have to go through the Government to get all the necessary paper works and approval done.

To prevent any future debacles of any kind, the State Government must come out with a "Central Think Tank" (CTT) comprising of experience professionals ranging from Planners, Consultants of various fields, Environmentalists to NGOs. This CTT is not the EXCOs or Government officials nor politicians.

This CTT is an independent body, where they will study all preliminary private and Government development proposals, events etc, etc, that means everything that are of concern to the State and the public.

The CTT will have to gauge the pros, cons and evaluation of each development or event proposal and if deem necessary to arrange forum to get the feedbacks from the public. At this stage, the CTT is also responsible to disseminate informations to the public about all the preliminary private and Government development proposals and events on their studies and findings. Some projects may be confidential because of certain understanding with foreign investors, but, this does not stop the CTT from the evaluations and recommendations.

After completing the evaluation of each project, the CTT will then submit their findings and make recommendations to the Government whether the project is viable to proceed and also with the public endorsement. The Government will then decide base on the CTT recommendations and if any project falls in the negative evaluation, the Government will have to restudy or restructure the said project before implementation.

The public now wants to know more what the Government is planning or implementing projects that can be of benefits to them and not destroy the environment or causes certain negative effects.

My suggestion may not be so easily implemented, but I hope the State Government will look into something that works along this line.

We need to see a "Separation Of Power" decision making.


  1. Guan Eng...the economy! the economy!.....stop fooling around with road names etc.....focus on the economy......this is Penang...economic powerhouse....not Kampong Kubu in Malacca.....get the economy rolling or Penang will get you out....

  2. Anonymous,
    Are u crazy or naive, or u just arrive from other planet, do u think Penang Govt can make wonder when the world economy hit so badly (include the real powerhouse USA/Europe) and do u think Penang, just a small state can escape with it? not to mention, the finance status in the state is in deep shit due to billions RM loss in the previous admin. Also remember, all yr income tax, road tax are all channel to Federal Govt, not State Govt. WAKE UP PLEASE!!



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