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Monday, November 10, 2008

Realigned Bloggers Who Themselves Are Showing Their True Colours

Malaysiakini daily reporting about umno news but not on realigned bloggers showing their true colours for MalaysiaKini.
Ever since the famous blogger and the President of National Bloggers Alliance, Rockybru, slowly starting to realign himself to the shifting change in umno leadership, sometime in the middle of this year, I knew for certain that more bloggers of his kind will follow suit.

I just read the star spinning news about bloggers through Kickdefella blog and here is my take of what they are trying to spin and these realigned bloggers showing their own true colours.

“We are seeing the true colours of the socio-political bloggers,” explained Rocky.

There is a change in attitude. Bloggers are shown to be political activists.

“Those claiming they are for change are not walking the talk,” he said, citing the Selangor Government’s stand on the latest temple demolition. People are rearranging their hierarchy of trust. Before, trust was very high. Now we are slipping very fast.”
“I used to support Pakatan,” declared Zainol Abidin, 50 (aka Mahaguru58). “I felt we needed a change. I expected change. Now they have taken over five states and there is no change. So I am aligning myself to no one, not the Barisan, and I will whack Anwar (Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) left, right and blue!”
Former journalist Nuraina Samad, whose 3540 jalan sudin has over a million hits, was more philosophical. The Government had come under “unbridled attack and some people now feel that enough is enough”, she said.

You can always sense the government control medias are spinning when you received a one sided views reporting. What rocky said is very true, for he himself is the one who shows his true colour and with his realignment to the umno new leadership, he is now a valuable assets to the news media.

You can easily pick some realigned bloggers to stand up together with you to condemn the five States under PKR rule for not effecting changes but does not identify what kind of changes they want. I am very sure that for each blogger who is not seeing any changes of the five States, there are ten bloggers who can see that the changes are on going even though there are so many obstacles along the way which these realigned bloggers know very well.

“Bloggers during the general election were for change,” she noted. “We walked together many times: the penguin walk, freedom walk, yellow march.”
If after the election, the PR had expected bloggers to continue with this line, they were disappointed. “We can’t attack the DAP, Anwar, Teresa,”said Nuraina.

When bloggers try to point out corruption in Pakatan-held states, they become very combative and go on the offensive.

“Those Opposition bloggers even view neutral ones like me as pro-government. I am accused of not being supportive,” said Rocky.

Just one line statement “We can’t attack the DAP, Anwar, Teresa,”said Nuraina. with no examples or incidents that it occurs. I recall the only incident at rocky's blog about Teresa and utusan where rocky defended utusan (in the name "freedom of the press")for printing lies about the azan, where over 90% of comments do not agree with him. So, Zuraina, are you suggesting we must allow rocky to attack DAP Teresa with impunity even though rocky is hiding behind the freedom of the press argument to defend utusan for false reporting?

This statement When bloggers try to point out corruption in Pakatan-held states, they become very combative and go on the offensive. is again pluck out with no identification where such behaviors happens. Again, I recall that some kind of corruptions happen with some Perak excos. When this news broke, I remember reading from bloggers and their readers hitting hard at PKR for allowing it to happen. The latest is on the fuss over the Korean trip by the Penang State government. Without verifying, some bloggers including readers also hit at the DAP State Government. There may be a few who are combative and go on the offensive, which I think is because most of the cases have yet to be clarified.

Bloggers being dubbed by fellow bloggers as I see it. Bloggers Jeff Ooi, Haris, Bernard Khoo and other famous bloggers who trusted and believe in these so call realigned bloggers must have had it.

These realigned bloggers, all along are using them to fight their causes and that is to bring down badawi. Now the job is done, these realigned bloggers are showing their true colours stabbing other bloggers in full views and in broad daylight without even blinking an eyelid.

These realigned bloggers are now prepared to be used by umno to attack and split bloggers and to achieve umno's and their own agendas.



  1. well, i never trusted this rocky and nur from the very beginning, due to their past and present connection to the government controlled media.

  2. Rightttt, now all of a sudden "I never trust this so and so" line start surfacing since their opinion/stand does not aligned with yours...hmmm. Actually, you shouldn't trust anyone for that matter even, Unker Kit Siang, Bro Guan Eng, Sdr. Anwar, Macha Karpal.

    Suddenly also the line "hiding behind the freedom of the press argument..." also becomes so convenient to discredit a person. I thought this line were only used by the corrupt pro-govenment MSM and proponents of anti-freedom of the press class. Everyone is showing their true colours.Welldone.



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